Give it to me

Lately, ok, no, since forever actually, friends and family will buzz me and ask me to update on myself and share with them with the beautiful cities that I go to (or will go, hehe).

Trust me. They focus more on photos of the city than me. The kind of love I get. Sighh….

I’ve been meaning to share them just that I haven’t got much time on hand. My free-er time is spent cooking and watching videos online. Heh.

But! Easter break is around the corner so I’ll try to update them. I say try cause I’ll be busy preparing for final review. Please keep me in your dua (as I will for you too, In syaa Allah). 🙂

Before I go missing for at least 2 more weeks, or more, here’s a quick glimpse of Paris.




The queue… totally reminds me of fluff bakery, bah.

Here’s an episode:

Me: Eh, I wanna take a picture with the soldier, do you think he’ll entertain me?

Friend: Nope. I tried to ask for direction. He just answered me half past and ignored me.

Me: If I want his rifle can?

Friend: *walks away*


My heart skips-skips-skips-skips many beat! *drools*

I have soft spot for firearms and their family.


Bang! Ada gajah kat depan. Itu tembak bak sini. I’ll show you how it’s done!

I’ll upgrade the rifle to senapang gajah, no? Hehe >.<

Seriously, tho. GIVE ME THAT BAD BOY (- not the guy)!




Location: Louis Vuitton Foundation Museum – Paris, France.

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