Preparing Ramadhan: 100 Days to go!

“Prophet Muhammad salallahu’alaihiwassalam used to prepare ramadhan 3 months before to welcome the blessed month.”

I remembered reading this information few Ramadhan back. Can’t remember the exact figure – 3 or 6 months. But he did prepare months in advance.

The past few Ramadhan have been vastly different for me. Alhamdulillah nevertheless. I look forward to this year’s Ramadhan as I’m not working, well not per se, but I have time to golek-golek (roll around at home). Wohoo!

Looking back, I remember Ramadhan bazaar with my cousins after terawih… oh the Fish Otah-Otah, Thai Coconut ice-cream, the comical money envelope that my dad will ask me to buy last minute to give to the kiddos and oh! oh! the lampu lap-lip! (colourful festive lights). Let’s not forget the helium filled balloons. Hehe.

Few weeks back I started a countdown for everythinggg… Submissions, Days to coming back home, when is my brother coming here, when is Indriana coming here and of course, Ramadhan. So since I’ve made a reminder of 100 days to Ramadhan… I might as well start preparing for it yes?

I guess as time passes and you start to understand the bigger meaning of Ramadhan, you’d want to focus the more important aspect – more attention on your ibadah and less on your nafs.

The most common enemy during Ramadhan: Food. Agree?

I think the best way is, err… to cut down on food intake slowly and do the Monday & Thursday fast, yes?

It’s not to eat your heart out prior and going cold turkey later (heh, it rhymes!)


Had eton mess with lemon curd for dessert after dinner yesterday which is, salmon parcel and garlic bread. Just a while ago, I had Tom Yam fried rice with Sunny side up eggs before drafting is post and currently reflecting what I’ve done within these 24 hours as we enter 100 days to Ramadhan. Ok, this is not right.

I guess this is why I’m never a role model! Role model for bad example adalah!

Till next post, Allahumma Balighna Ramadhan gaise!

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