Following/Followers: The Kind of Friend I am

Assalamualaikum guys!

Hope your weekend treated you kind :D.

As I mentioned earlier about how anal I get with my circle of friends (control freak), this happened twice to my good friend.


First instagram. Now twitter.

I kinda forget about my Twitter account. Feels good to chirp there. Heh.

Just so you know, I’m kinda slow with the IT world. I remember, two years ago, when I was new to instagram, I knew how to sign up (duh), set my account to private and that’s it!

My friend had to add me. Even then, I took light years to accept it. Its not that I wanted to keep them on the edge, waiting or happily testing their patience. Its … (Ok, a bit paiseh) … I didn’t know how to approve them (selenge or whattt). Hahaha.

So, friends, when I take time to follow or approve any of you, its not that I’m ‘sombong’ or ‘sengaja’ okayyy… Its just I’m ‘selenge’.

Feel free to WA me like Shafa there.

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