But First: Meet&Greet – Dian Pelangi


May you read this in the best of your health and iman.

I really really really need to do my work but I know I won’t be able to concentrate till I’ve posted this.

I was scrolling down my IG timeline when I found this post.


I was thinking, to go or not to go.

To be in a group of people, is not my forte! Moreover when I went to RSVP page to sign up, the “tix” were sold out! It made me went, “That’s it! Not meant to be, Qadr’Allah.”

But I remembered how much fun I had when I pushed myself for a me time at Amena’s event. So, I man up and WA Dian if she could get me a spot. It was probably almost 1am on a Saturday. I told myself to not have any expectation but MasyaaAllah, Dian got back to me in the afternoon and that’s how I got here.

The evening turns out MasyaaAllah. Everyone is so inspiring and I learnt so much from them from all ages.

I guess sometimes getting out of your comfort zone won’t kill you.

Living example here, guys!

I want to share more photos but I shall patiently wait for Muna to update the photos.

But First!


So good to see you again!

Till next time, May Success be with you and all of us.

Now, back to reality.

P.s: I really need to do something to my lips and stop having that sick look alllll the time. *Hides face*

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