Told a friend of mine that, one should simply have four blogposts in a week, I quickly added when they’re not schooling. Thank goodness for the last line. Dang my words are bitter!

Before she holler at me for me to taste my own medicine, I better get my blogging jive going.


View from our place.

Basically, we (my classmates and I) scattered all over Europe looking at housing project. My lazy friend looked for project that is well documented for us to go. Good thing she’s lazy in this case cause it really helps us when we have to do an article on our chosen housing project.

Which is how we ended here – Marseille, France.

It was early February, right smack mid-end Winter. Another friend of mine just came back from Paris told me that Paris is way colder than where I am, which prepared me mentally and physically. But Marseille? I couldn’t imagine what is was going to be like.

The first time I stepped out of the airport, my gawdd… It was such a pleasant surprise. It was supppppeeerrr freezing! But the sunshine was so strong, which is oh so good! Oh and trees! Look at the picture above, unlike UK, where only the branches are revealed, the green landscape was definitely a mood booster. It has that Mediterranean vibe to it. What are you talking about Aqilah? It’s by the Mediterranean Ocean. Ish!  

Moving on!

We chose to look into a prominent architect’s project: Le Corbusier (or as I call him, Abang Charles Jeanneret), Unite d’Habitation. Good thing about the project is that, it has a hotel in the housing project itself. We took advantage by staying in the hotel which allows us unlimited access to the entire building.

I’m sure all of us have been to rooftop spaces. This particular rooftop space is by far one of the better ones. The spatial programme of the rooftop is very practical unlike nowadays where its just garden.

What’s on your rooftop? Meh, garden.

What’s on your rooftop? Gym, running track, nursery, kindergarten, art gallery, yada, yada, yada…How cool is it!?

I particularly like the scale and proportion of the rooftop spaces.








This sculpted concrete is actually made for people to lay on it to just chill and appreciate the sun or stand on it  and be awe at the grandeur of the landscape.


The pinkish sky as Maghrib says hello… SubhanAllah.


It’s so pretty. I.Can’t.

Till next post, may He brings you to beautiful places as He does for me.


Till Autumn

A little upset at myself right now.

I’ve been feeling unwell these past few days, cause I wasn’t sleeping properly.  It’s been dragging on for few days now and I really really really wanna succumb to painkillers since yesterday but gonna hold off till tomorrow.  (Will let you know why soon,  In Syaa Allah).

Anyways, time has officially changed. Literally. I’m referring to the time difference. No metaphors there, haha.

I was so excited by it that I’ve been holding back myself from sleeping since 4pm.

My laptop reminded me that the change will happen at 1am. I was so eager to video the time change on my lappy that it didn’t happen.


Cause I got distracted by running man.

-11:58pm, I got my phone ready to video it.
-Apparently its 1am not 12am. So I continued watching running man.
-12:47, I told myself to get ready. Engrossed with RM.
-12:58, Okay, hold the phone.
-Laptop clock indicates 2am.

Gahhhh… I felt like I just cheated myself. Its like, you’ve robbed your own happiness. In this case, its the case of a cheap thrill. Heh.

So yeah…. mission totally failed.

Prolong my headache and the need to sleep for nothing.

But it’s okay!  *tryna coax myself ere guys* we still have 21 Sept when it’ll change again.


Here’s to 7 hours time difference between UK and SG instead of 8 hours!

Gonna sleep of my pain before blogging more.

Night y’all.


Like Parsley

Current mood: Mehh~~

I’m supposed to print my drawings tomorrow for Friday’s Interim Crit, but really, I have no mood nor motivation. Not all drawings are done and bahhhh…

I’m having a pep talk with myself on how I should study hard whilst being abroad and how blessed and lucky I am to be in a position that many others want. At the same time, I’m telling myself that seeking ilm (knowledge) is jihad and this is my battle. To struggle for this jihad will get me pahala and stuff. My jihad now is my want to just lepak (chill) on the bed or watch Running Man or both at the same time vs this Cad drawing. GAHHH!!

I’m in dire need of motivation and I stumble upon this while scrolling down my e-photo album.


The care instruction for Parsley was to water it little but often.

At times, I would not water it for days until I saw that it has dry soil, then, I’ll sprinkle some water on it. If I’m a prison warden, my prisoner would be treated badly, omaigawd! I’m such a meanie.

I remember not watering them for almost a week and they’ve started to wilt. Like, really, reaaalllyyy wilt. Everytime, I pass by the pot, I’ll just take a quick glance and go, “It’s looks so soggy, there’s no point watering it. Not like it’s gonna be fresh and standing strong anymore.” This happened for few days.

It’s either I do not have green fingers or it’s just the nature of the plant that I’ve ‘cared’ for. I remember when buying fresh flowers back at home, I’ll change the water after few days but still, it’ll wilt and die. Remember the since experiment we did in primary/secondary school on growing green beans?? Mine totally died. My maid helped me a lot with that particular experiment, haha, cause it totally blossomed!

But I was just curious and wonder what’ll happen if I water this half dead pot of parsley of mine.

I consistently sprinkle the soil occasionally for few days and I swear, there was a lot of difference. For once, it turned from dark green to fresher green and two, it was definitely structurally stable!

So, the lesson for me from this post is, I should be like a parsley. I should slowly but consistently do my work no matter how bleargh I’m feeling cause if that parsley can make it, so can I!

Give it to me

Lately, ok, no, since forever actually, friends and family will buzz me and ask me to update on myself and share with them with the beautiful cities that I go to (or will go, hehe).

Trust me. They focus more on photos of the city than me. The kind of love I get. Sighh….

I’ve been meaning to share them just that I haven’t got much time on hand. My free-er time is spent cooking and watching videos online. Heh.

But! Easter break is around the corner so I’ll try to update them. I say try cause I’ll be busy preparing for final review. Please keep me in your dua (as I will for you too, In syaa Allah). 🙂

Before I go missing for at least 2 more weeks, or more, here’s a quick glimpse of Paris.




The queue… totally reminds me of fluff bakery, bah.

Here’s an episode:

Me: Eh, I wanna take a picture with the soldier, do you think he’ll entertain me?

Friend: Nope. I tried to ask for direction. He just answered me half past and ignored me.

Me: If I want his rifle can?

Friend: *walks away*


My heart skips-skips-skips-skips many beat! *drools*

I have soft spot for firearms and their family.


Bang! Ada gajah kat depan. Itu tembak bak sini. I’ll show you how it’s done!

I’ll upgrade the rifle to senapang gajah, no? Hehe >.<

Seriously, tho. GIVE ME THAT BAD BOY (- not the guy)!




Location: Louis Vuitton Foundation Museum – Paris, France.