Throughout the years, I’ve met so many people, many of whom I call friends or acquaintance. I use to think that having lots of friends and being invited to parties makes you the cool kids. But then you just get tired of keeping up with them (oh the dramas!). That’s when I realise that having a small circle of friends means more to me. I get to be comfortable and be all me without having to be prim or proper cause these people have seen me pre pubescent and now, post pubescent. Heh.

I come from a big family and when it comes to main gathering, we usually book the entire venue. I’ll be the one asking my cousin, ‘How many people are there in this place?’ She’ll go, ‘300ish maybe’. It’s not even full attendance!

Having seen what a group of 300 people looks like, I always ask myself, ‘Do I know at least 300 people? sans family of course.’ 5 minutes later, I’ll close my mind discussion with a simple no. Khalassss.

I am but a human. I may be wrong.

Turns out, I do know more than 300 people. Followers count on instagram don’t tell no lie, girlfriend.

Like I mentioned earlier, I like my social circle small. I like my privacy but at the same time I like to know more people.

I tend to ‘follow’ or ‘request follow’ on instagrammers who are friends of friends who I think are nice people. Y’know, keep my timeline positive.

I get happy when they accept my ‘request’ even though they don’t know me.

But! I have trouble doing the same thing. I remember having few hundreds of followers and cause I wanna make my circle smaller, I will delete them off when I see that we’re not communicating or liking each others post. Sometimes these people don’t even update their ig! So what’s the point of having them on board kan???

I’ll usually set a nice number, lower than the existing number of followers and scroll down the list to pick a person to delete off. Haha. The kind of things that I do in life 🙈

However, nowadays, when the people that’s accepted me as their followers, request on my page, I get all stressed up! should I. should I not. should I. should I not.

I find it rude to not accept their request but at the same time I have no other people to delete off! hahaha. The people that I gravitate to follow are those who I think are MasyaAllah and they are those I think will be able to help me be a better person, doesn’t matter akhlak or adab wise, or they have nice bags and shoes! hehe. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

For this, I know I’m not better nor can I contribute to bring any positivity in their timeline.

So I’ll go ‘why you request to follow meeee? I have nothing to show youuu. Why can’t you just let me learn from youuu’.


It was a nice 100 after so long and I just had to accept the ‘2’ cause they’re a good friend to my good friend.

But trust me! Before approving the 2, I scroll down the followers list to delete 2 people off but was in vain.

For everything we do in life, we’ll be questioned on the day of judgement. The posts we upload and the pictures we like. The tweets we send out and our niat (nawaitu). Having people I really know following me means that we’ve met, interact and know what they are capable of. So I know that I don’t judge them for the things they have in life because there is more to a character than a post.

This is (probably) a part of my whimsical self which I have more to share, perhaps.

But you! Do you easily accept people’s request? Is your profile public? If it is, why is not private? How are you cool enough to let people you don’t know have a glimpse of your life? Are you those who follow those who only follow you? If you’re one of those who have thousands of followers, aren’t you scared or pressured to post images as freely as you want without thinking twice?

I wanna wanna wanna know, cause in the field I’m working in, publicity is important. However amidst all those, I like to retain my privacy.

Here’s a start to another weekend, alhamdulillah. I hope you have a good break with your loved ones.

Till next post, may peace be upon you!

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