Warning: Post is long and image heavy. :b

It was a (probably) gloomy autumn day when I was scrolling my instagram feed and I stumble upon this:


I knew Indriana few years back when my cousin ordered her salted caramel cupcakes and pavlova. They are oh so good!

You can read em here. Note: Perangai buruk facial expression looming ahead.

Anyway! I immediately Whatsapped Indriana and asked if I could join her. I’ve always wanted to take a photography course cause it’s kinda vital to my course.

Honestly, I was more excited to be in the company of the girls then the photography course itself. Hehe. I just miss being around people with same background as me and this trip turns out to be hella fun! I get to meet and make new friends and learn a thing or two. I guess this is the appropriate time to use the phrase killing two birds with one stone. Oh trust me, I killed so many birds with that one stone.

I was skeptical initially as the course started few days earlier and I can’t join them on their schedule as I had portfolio submission. But Indriana, as kind and cool as always, welcomed me anyway. Thank you babe!


One morning,

I: Aqilah, we’ll get started on your lesson soon k.

Me: Okies

Half an hour later.

I: *straightening her hair*

Me: Should we start now?

I: Ah, I settle my hair first can? *One hand on fringe. One on hair straightener* 

*Both burst into laughter*

Me: Sure thang.

I mean, it was gonna be as easy as her guiding me verbally while I try to practice it physically, non?

We end up having the lesson on bed. Super lepak style. My kinda thing.

I remember her saying this, “Basically, you’ll learn to play with the ISO, aperture and shutter speed using the Manual mode so you’ll never (nevvvaaahhh) have to use the auto mode anymore.”

At the back of my mind I went, ‘Yeah right. If that is even possible.’

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not skeptical about her teaching skill. I was very skeptical of my learning ability.

This kind of thing, basically, wa tak confident y’know? My learning curve for these kind of thing is very gentle.


I may not take the most beautiful, ok wait, let me rephrase that. I don’t take the most beautiful picture as most people out there, or even between us gals, but I really learn a lot during the 5 days.

If this isn’t fun, I don’t know what is. (Reposting this video cause this is what awesomeness looks like, to me at least :))

Here’s the BTS:

If I’m not mistaken, this was by Munich Residenz (formal Royal Palace). It was quite empty and we started and when we were dancing and blasting One Direction, more people started streaming. *Tebalkan muka! Tebalkan muka!* Most of them just smiled and passed by. Some started doing the same. There were two Spanish ladies who came up to us and asked us to record them doing Flamenco Dance.

Note: Pictures are not edited, cause I’m lazy *grins* :b











While we were in the middle of doing the video, we were stopped by a group of Russian girls (not Mafias, too much criminal series Aqilah! *smacks head*) They needed to take a video – for a project, if I’m not mistaken – and we were more than happy to assist. We were told to sing a song, any song and we ended up singing either Westlife or Backstreet Boys. Hey! It’s a song that most of us would know! Bieber who?


Commemorative photo satu!

Then! While Putri wanted to stitch the video together, she realise that I wasn’t in it. I didn’t know I was suppose to be in it. Haha. *Bimbo moment* I was happily taking turns carrying the girls bag while they were dancing/throwing balls and too engrossed enjoying the moment that I turned blonde for seminit >.<

So because of that, they came back (it was my first time there) to Olympia Park for their individual project and shoot other few scenes here.


BMW Tower seen nearby.

IMG_5187 IMG_5220



Itu dia…. Chong dah mari pegang kopi. Heh


IMG_5257 IMG_5253

I really really really need to edit these two pics. *Lazzzyyy*


Ini lagi satu. But, hmm… whatever la eh. Haha.

If I’m not mistaken: Olympia park is basically a student accommodation area.

Definitely a place I wouldn’t mind residing if I studied here. Hehe. It has whimsical bright painting and probably cause I love colours too! (as you can from the video) which kinda brighten the place. 🙂

Some unrelated photos:

This girl started twirling and singing as we were taking videos. The One Direction background music must’ve brought out the groove in her. Can’t blame her can we?



Later that day after shopping, while waiting for the rest, we did a short video clip in a cafe. We tried our best to not attract attention but 4 girls doing same hand motion with a videographer in front isn’t exactly the dictionary definition of discrete.


Like they say, all good things must come to an end. So does this trip. My time spent there was amazeballs.


I couldn’t ask for more. Every one of them has different colour of personality and in a ‘no judging, go ahead and be yourself zone’ we clicked well and (I’m gonna say this again) had a helluvafun.


Till we meet again, soon, Insyaa Allah, may you guys be safe, always 🙂

P.s: Indriana will be having another Soul Searching_Photography workshop Session and if you’re keen, who isn’t? Go and beep her!

My Opinion? Couldn’t be a better time! England is gonna be so comfortable and beautiful in Spring.

I might be joining again. Hehe. Gotta see if I can squeeze some time to join. But you! You should join her and get Indrianafied.



You can view more of her works here.

I know, I know. You’re welcome!


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