Learning Skills

Assalamualaikum y’alls.

Just got back from my study trip safely last Friday and while I’m on the topic of photography – with reference to my previous post – I wanna say that Indriana was right!

I never went auto mode with the DSLR (except when I was with the digicam).

My dad nagged a little when I told him I’ll be off for France.

He went all, “merayap je” on me. Haha.

Where got dadddd…. I’ve only been to Munich since I got here till this study trip.

Anywho! While we were in Paris, we stayed in an apartment which is so beautiful but is poorly lit. The ambiance and lighting was more of a “hidup segan, mati tak mau” kind. All it needs is more white lighting and a better TV Cable connection and I’d give it a 9/10.

As usual, the girls get the bigger room with bigger bathroom which I love! The downside was the poor lighting.

I was trying to take an interior shot of the bathroom with my phone which turns out like this:


I went, TIDAAAKKKK!!! (NOOO!!). I knew that if I didn’t take proper photo of this bathroom, no business is pleasure! So! I immediately took the DSLR, tweaked the setting and voila!











It’s a amazing how these 3 photo pleases me. Haha. Puts my mind to ease that I get to capture how I see things.

See dad! I didn’t merayap for nothing.

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