Day Snow

Finally! It snows during the day!

All this while it’s been snowing at night and it was hard to capture due to poor lighting and I didn’t think much of the DSLR on my study table. Heh


I finished bathing and looked out the window, nothing. I went to take my wudhu, came out of the toilet, there it is. It was quite heavy that day and I was sooo excited that I went pray first or play with snow first!? PRAY FIRST OR PLAY FIRST!!?? Mann…that was a tough decision. After praying I called my friend to come down to the courtyard and play snow with me. 😝


The I-don’t-care wardrobe assemble. PJ pants also can la. Colour clash also clash laaa…. 😎🙈

While waiting for the woman to come down, it no longer snows heavily. My heart sank a little but look what I made?


Okay. Its not vertical. But give chance ah.. Made it with my bare hands and perseverance. How did I do?

After a while, we part ways to our individual flat. Shoooortly after I reached home, it started snowing heavily again. Iiissshhhh…. So I said to Him, silently, please let it still snow when I’m on my way to site visit later. Please please pleeeaaasssseee Godddd… Didn’t happen of course.


Love the contrast of snow against the sun 🙂

While everyone stays on the pavement, look who’s the hero.

Me of course! Heh.

One in site boots, here’s one in normal boots.

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