Repairing your food

These few days I’ve been going moping around the house not knowing what to eat. I totally get my bibik right now. She used to stress out on what to cook and I’ll easily go meh at her. How can you not knowww??

Yup. That’s karma right there. Didn’t take long did it?

Got the remaining of my potatoes, only 2 in fact and decided to make fries since I keep forgetting to add them to my basket – TWICE.

As a person who loves to cook, naturally the kitchen is my best friend and I get stressed out when it is dirty – oily, grimy, sandy, whatevs.

So! I devised an idea to salt my fries!

Put salt in a ziploc bag, add seasonings,  when the fries are ready, just dump them in the handy dandy ziploc bag and shake it like Mcdonald’s shaker fries. 💃💃


If you’re like me and you think that Oh! They’re gonna be like Churros. Only some will stick on the fries and most of it will come off. So just put extra salt and the seasoning bag can be used again next time. Trust me, you’re in for an ugly surprise.

Turns out everything sticks on the fries. It doesn’t help that this is the first time I’m using table salt. I think I’m just gonna stick to my rock salt.

My seasoned fries turned out like it just came back from being buried by the sand and no matter how much you try to shoo the salt away, it just won’t.

I took a bite and knew I was in for hypertension if I continue eating that thing. Mommy and Momski thought me to never waste food cause its your rezeki. No matter how little there are, if its edible, don’t throw.

I Googled ‘how to desalt fries’ and they weren’t helpful. I mean, who doesn’t know that we can order unsalted fries in Mcdonald’s?

So! Just like the bibik who can repair food – I swear she can turn agar-agar pandan to chocolate pudding – I thought I have the mojo in me to repair the food. I mean, hello… a student is only as good as the teacher.

I poured the entire deadly fries back into the pan, pour water all over it. They were 3/4 submerged. Stirr and dispose the salt water. Dont bother saving it for broth or anything. Won’t do any good. Crank the heat of the stove to its highest and dry out the pan/fries/whatever. If its still salty, repeat the process. This is only useful if you like soggy fries – LIKE ME!

If you don’t, once the pan is dry, add a little oil to crisp it. I’ve not try this but it shouuuuld work.



Apparently, the fries has soaked the saltiness of the salt – geddit? – and it is still too salty for human consumption that I had to feed it to the bin 😫😫

Way to start February huh. But… Thank God I had a back up (bahahaha) comfort food. So my hood is all good again. Hehehehe.

So there you have it! How to desalt – is there such a word – your food. Hey… at least I came out with an experiment!

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