His Help

Remember this post? I finally have the time to blog now.

Of course I do. 11 hours of sleep. I better not fall asleep at this hour (9.39pm).

It was Tuesday, my first official day back at uni. Monday is Superstudio.

Superstudio = My Studio = My home = My Bed + Lappy


Tuesday’s a full day for me and as I was getting ready to go out, I was wondering what shoes should I put on. The weather is so unpredictable and I can’t seem to trust my weather forecast. Yesterday it said that it won’t rain but it was drizzling when I left for uni.

Why is the weather forecast important? It determines what bag and shoes I use.


Like I was saying, I was contemplating which shoes to wear. Halfway slipping my right foot on my ballet flats, I got a bad feeling and immediately changed to my boots. I argued with myself for a while. Haha.

Isn’t it tedious to wear the boot.

Why is it tedious?

You need to bend and tuck here and there when putting on and removing.

Pfft. You’re late. Leave now!

Turns out later in the afternoon it started raining and snowing and my GAWD! When I left school, it was FREEEEEZZZIINNNGGGG….

It doesn’t help that I’m always wearing two layer. ONLY. Whatever one layer you wear in Singapore… Yup, that plus another layer of coat. Khalaasssss

Moreover I always forget to bring my glove along with me.

Came home with red cheeks and nose. Definitely not cool.

I always believe that when your third instinct tells you to leave something for something, it’s Him telling you. Afterall, He knows what’s best for you.

Hadn’t I wore my boots, my feet would’ve froze while walking back home. The sole of my flats are super thin that I can feel the ground even during autumn. So! Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. Hehe.

For now, my instinct is telling me to get off this chair, wash the kitchen and do the dishes.

But I’m extremely sure I can hold this off for a while more.


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