Strong Reaction

Update: I intend to write another post and read 5 chapter of my favorite novel after this post but apparently my head is throbbing. So! Will update when I’m up instead. Nighhhhhttttt!

Assalamualaikum y’alls…

May you read this in the best of your health and imaan.

First day back in uni today. Well, technically I had submission yesterday but no class whatsoever so it doesn’t count heh.

Tried having lights out at 11pm last night but fail miserably. That’s what happen when you sleep at 12noon or 6am during your break. Horrible decision. Best pheeling. Hee.

Anyways these few days have been warm ~ hot. It was 4 degree and usually even at 12 degree, I’d sleep with windows shut. But the past two days tested me. Gahhh… 10 mins after tucking myself to bed, I got out of my bed exasperating and opened the windows all the way. I hope I survive my sunny Singapore man… For real…

Back to school…Halfway between lecture, tutorial and doing some work, I started having headache till now. I thought it was just my hunger. Tortellini and toffee crumble apple pie didn’t work. Definitely not hunger then.

Its 10.50 pm now and I’m lying in bed with my best friend and daddy’s lil gift.


Yup. First day back and I came home mentally broken.

Popped two pills. Gonna write another post before I hit the sack. Oh my headdddd…. You! Stop spinning!

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