Feeling Hormonal

I can’t believe I’m saying this but gaawwdddd I.HATE.WINTER.

I’m not referring to the cold or wet and icy road. It’s the sunlight. I’m quite known to be ‘allergic’ to sunlight. My friend has gone the extra mile to label me a vampire. Pfft. I know right. I might as well sparkle under the sunlight.

I use to turn lobster red at the slightest sun ray and do my work at the corner of the studio with lights switched off because it was more comfortable and the only way to keep my tension headache away.

I use to think that I’d thrive better with less sunlight because I’m more proactive and productive when the sun is down… like…now…8.44pm. But today proved me wrong. It’s like I don’t even know myself .. HOMAIGAWDDD…. *DRAMAAA*

I woke up feeling bleargh at 11am. By 4pm, I’m already in the bed for a nap because I just get soooo tired. The only reason why I got my ass out was because Maghrib was bidding adieu and Isya is coming due. Heh. My body gets the signal that it’s night time = GO TO BEDD!!

It’s not helpful that I have an essay to do and I need to get it done by tomorrow. Pronto! I’m all mopey and whiny and I wanna shoot and beat something.

With whats going on in the world right now, whatever I’m feeling is irrelevant but I can’t help it. I had tiramisu and it’s magic is not working. GAHHH…

The only thing I’m looking forward to is my massage appointment tomorrow. That should keep me going for the night, In Syaa Allah.

Surely after hardship comes ease (94:05/06)

Don’t scoff at the hardship and ease okayy. Everyone has different battles. Haha.

Till the next post, May Allah ease your affairs and mine.


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