With reference to the previous post, I’m gonna give this a shot.

I was scrolling my facebook page and came across this and I thought, Hey! One of the public challenge that I can probably do without cheating’.

Once, I tried living without dessert for one week.

First 4 days was hell. Almost went into spasm. *drama* But after the 5th day, it was alright. I could continue after the 7th and final day, but, I decided to treat myself to a nice strawberry cake for going cold turkey the previous 7 days.



This seems like something doable.

As C. Fisher from Bones once said, ‘Hey, the only difference between try and triumph is a little ‘umph’,’ I’m gonna give this a shot a little umph!


Image from Facebook – for my reference.

Biscuits. Cakes. Donuts, Pastries.

Ahhhh my achilles heel.

Now, when should I start this?

*eats tiramisu*

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