His Help

Remember this post? I finally have the time to blog now.

Of course I do. 11 hours of sleep. I better not fall asleep at this hour (9.39pm).

It was Tuesday, my first official day back at uni. Monday is Superstudio.

Superstudio = My Studio = My home = My Bed + Lappy


Tuesday’s a full day for me and as I was getting ready to go out, I was wondering what shoes should I put on. The weather is so unpredictable and I can’t seem to trust my weather forecast. Yesterday it said that it won’t rain but it was drizzling when I left for uni.

Why is the weather forecast important? It determines what bag and shoes I use.


Like I was saying, I was contemplating which shoes to wear. Halfway slipping my right foot on my ballet flats, I got a bad feeling and immediately changed to my boots. I argued with myself for a while. Haha.

Isn’t it tedious to wear the boot.

Why is it tedious?

You need to bend and tuck here and there when putting on and removing.

Pfft. You’re late. Leave now!

Turns out later in the afternoon it started raining and snowing and my GAWD! When I left school, it was FREEEEEZZZIINNNGGGG….

It doesn’t help that I’m always wearing two layer. ONLY. Whatever one layer you wear in Singapore… Yup, that plus another layer of coat. Khalaasssss

Moreover I always forget to bring my glove along with me.

Came home with red cheeks and nose. Definitely not cool.

I always believe that when your third instinct tells you to leave something for something, it’s Him telling you. Afterall, He knows what’s best for you.

Hadn’t I wore my boots, my feet would’ve froze while walking back home. The sole of my flats are super thin that I can feel the ground even during autumn. So! Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. Hehe.

For now, my instinct is telling me to get off this chair, wash the kitchen and do the dishes.

But I’m extremely sure I can hold this off for a while more.


Send to Sister

Assalamualaikum errbadeh!

Current Season: Winter

Current Weather: Snowing outside.

Current activity: Blogging while waiting for Isya’

Current Mood: Ecstatic

I swung by the reception on my way home to inquire on some stuff and check if any of my parcel is here – I didn’t expect any. It’s too early.

Anywho… my brother mailed to me some stuff in two batches and the second box arrived first. (pun intended).

Check out the reason to export


Yup. Send to Sister alright.

Guys…. can’t get any direct.

I think I’ll probably write: Send to my man. Handle with love and care (be quick too please!) ;D

But nevermind. I’m cool yaw.

I’ve been surviving on my primary school shorts from late Summer all the way till now, Mid-Winter. How I did it? God knows best.

After the first parcel was sent out, he said he missed my notebook. If it weren’t too important, can he not send it? Mannn…. my heart almost sank. I really wanted it so he sent it again. (Thanks abang! You shooo naise! ;* )He included the other stuff that he missed as well so now look!


My long-awaited notebook, washed new shawls (smell of home. I keep smelling them. I look insane. Even in my own eyes. Gawddd) and my pj pants! (Wearing one right now. Hehe)


A closer look.


I got my first Paper Medina 2014 diary last year. I wanted to purchase the 2013 diary but missed their pre-order and they didn’t have extras. So yeahhh…The 2014 diary reached me a little late though. I got it sometime June~July ish. Not their fault. It was with my aunt for the longest time and by the time I got it, I was busy flying in and out of Singapore and preparing for uni simultaneously that I only manage to start using it on the final quarter of 2014.

I think I beeped them twice before they released it cause I was really really really hoping that it’d be released before I flew here. But Qadr’Allah. I’m cool anyways *blows nail*. Haha. When I saw they were opened for pre-order, from England no less, I didn’t think twice and lincah balls made my pre-order.

So, all this drama, how can I tell my brother that it’s ok to not post this??? *NOOOOOOOOO*. I’ve been planning this and that in my head while patiently waiting for this baby. Now I can’t remember what to fill it with already. Bahahaha. I hate to “vandalise” this nice book. But I’m sure it’ll look nicer being filled. It came with prayer times too! Too bad I’ll only be able to refer to them when I hit SG back during Summer break (tak sabar ahhhh).

But then guess what…


aiSEH BEDAH… My favourite postman coming again! Sighh.. If only he were told a week earlier… But it’s ok. I have more things that he can bring in. Hehehehe

*evil laugh*

Bicester village one more round? *grins*


I’d like to thank Kak Nurul for helping me with my shawl madness.

Bibik for  washing it with love. (She probably went anak ini takde kat sini pon menyusahkan aku but I know she loves me so my hunsuzhon level for her is sky high. Hehe) *sniff shawl*

Abang for posting.

Abang’s wallet for the trouble. I love y’all.


Shawls: Here

Diary: Here

I feel like making my shawls into quilt and sleep with it whilst hugging my new diary. Ahhhh…


Coping Mechanism

Taking a break from my report. One more point to go and I can take a break for editing it as my second draft.

These few days have been intense. I gotta get a grip and this is “released” by Putri few days ago. I’ve been watching it at least once a day. They put a smile on my face Ma Syaa Allah. I miss themmmmm so bad *cues 2pm – so bad* 😥

Meanwhile, here’s another dose. Ah… I can rewatch this over and over again. ;D

Look ma… I’m on YouTube >.<

Strong Reaction

Update: I intend to write another post and read 5 chapter of my favorite novel after this post but apparently my head is throbbing. So! Will update when I’m up instead. Nighhhhhttttt!

Assalamualaikum y’alls…

May you read this in the best of your health and imaan.

First day back in uni today. Well, technically I had submission yesterday but no class whatsoever so it doesn’t count heh.

Tried having lights out at 11pm last night but fail miserably. That’s what happen when you sleep at 12noon or 6am during your break. Horrible decision. Best pheeling. Hee.

Anyways these few days have been warm ~ hot. It was 4 degree and usually even at 12 degree, I’d sleep with windows shut. But the past two days tested me. Gahhh… 10 mins after tucking myself to bed, I got out of my bed exasperating and opened the windows all the way. I hope I survive my sunny Singapore man… For real…

Back to school…Halfway between lecture, tutorial and doing some work, I started having headache till now. I thought it was just my hunger. Tortellini and toffee crumble apple pie didn’t work. Definitely not hunger then.

Its 10.50 pm now and I’m lying in bed with my best friend and daddy’s lil gift.


Yup. First day back and I came home mentally broken.

Popped two pills. Gonna write another post before I hit the sack. Oh my headdddd…. You! Stop spinning!

5 Euros

Assalamualaikum errone!

Throwback to few months back, the day after my portfolio submission, I head to London to meet Filzah, my childhood friend who happened to be in town and leaving for SG that very day! I can never argue with how He plan things. It always works out MaSyaa Allah. 🙂

We walked aimlessly along the stretch of road and after 10 minutes walking we went, ‘Let’s find a cafe to chill at. As long as it’s not outdoor, haha.’ it was so so cold that day.

The thing about knowing each other for more than half of our lives is, we have our own side (not kidding!) when walking. So when she sticks her head out on my side, naturally I had to ask why. Apparently there miggghhhttt be cafes along the back alley. It was cold and I was desperate so I just went, ‘Jom check it out.’ Can’t take the risk of missing anything can I? Hehe

Then I spot this Moroccan themed  cafe and when the waitress asked if we’ve had any reservation, I almost turned blue.  Can’t I… eat spontaneously? But thank god they had space for two. Indoor.


The small street with stretch of cafes that we found. It’s so purtey Masya Allah.

It so happen that the cafe serves halal food. What are the odds!?

5 Euros



As much as I love the food, I love the decor more. It’s sooo homely and cosy.

The chicken was wayyy salty and I can’t finish it. Almost had hypertension. Heh. The waiter was kind enough to pack it for me to go. I’ll have a separate blog post on that chicken. Haha. My special chicken.

Then! Just my luck… the cafe ran out of paperbag. So I had to lug the tupperware of chicken all the way back to my hotel. As if I don’t look funny enough, my friend passed me my hard disk in the original box and none of them had paper bag.

While waiting for Fared (Filzah’s brother) the hard disk slipped out of the box, dropped on the ground and split open. If you want to know the content of your hard disk, try throwing it on the ground, hard enough. *smirks*.

Now that I think about it, given the throng of people there (worst then pasar Geylang), I am so lucky that no one stepped on it! Phew… Alhamdulillah.

My IT babe fixed my hard disk for me in a jiffy and even got a strand of her hair stuck between the cover. I’m not gonna tweeze or snip it off you know cause I’m lazy  cause when I miss you, I’ll just take a look at the hard disk. :b *sappy*

Back to the restaurant, when we were splitting the bill, I only had large note and I needed small change, ergo, I break my large note for smaller change. Filzah was giving me smaller notes and when we reached to the final £5, she couldn’t find any. Instead, she had €5.

Take it. You’re needing it anyway.

Yup. That’s how we roll.

I almost used the €5 for cab fare, back in England. The driver stopped me and went, Miss, this is Euros. We only accept pounds. 


We’ll probably meet after our BA’s, unless you come here again or I fly to NZ or we both come back to SG for your summer and my winter break but nonetheless, wherever you may be, may you always be under His care.