Taken on crit day.

Swear that I have no intention to coordinate with my project presentation. My tutor insisted that I did so. Can’t argue can I?

A while ago, after one of my project crit feedback, I went to my tutor to clarify about her indecipherable handwriting. Gosh, I thought only doctors have that issue. Bahahaha.

She told me that she liked my project and that I should continue doing what I love/like and good at.

That night, I sat and think, what is it that I’m good at? What is it that I love to do?

It got to me after 15 minutes.


I’m particularly good and making/causing one.

I’m not too bad at that either.


My dad and brother will definitely agree without batting an eyelid.

So…. what kind of love/like/good should I be up to now?


*evil laugh*