Carrot Lady

Assalamualaikum errone!

I MISS THIS SPACE SO MUCH! Was too occupied to even type out the blogposts published in my head.

I’m gonna post quite a bit these few days to sum up things that happened between the last blogpost and this.

Grab a popcorn guys. It’s gonna be a long ride. Not this post though. ;b


Few weeks back. Literally looking like a carrot.

It was one of days of the week where I was battling with myself on the frequent student dilemma topic: Work at school vs Work at home.

Should I go to school, I need the comfort of home. Should I work at home, I need the discipline needed in school. So! Since I can’t bring school to home, I brought home to school!

Splash of bright colour as moodbooster and a friend in your backpack to get you going.

Thaaaaaaaaatttt my friend, was a productive day in uni.

Give it a try.

You’re welcome!