Comfort Food

Every Tuesday is a long day. But last Tuesday was different. Left school earlier to swing by to Tesco to collect a stuff that I purchased online and other few items that accidentally got purchased. 😁😁

The reason why I left earlier was to get ready for my groceries. Do I sound like getting ready for a date? Bahaha.

Getting ready = Bathe. Settle Isya’.  Make room in the fridge/freezer for new food. Arranged pots and pans to finally! cook again.

It was due between 7-8pm. Settled down by 6.30. By 7.30pm, no news. I got hungry. VERY. HUNGRY.

Left with no choice but to make use with ingredients that I have in hand. Luckily I bought some smoked salmon and prawns at Tesco!

9pm! No news. Called Tesco.

10pm! No news. Called Tesco again!

I end up having to rearrange my delivery slot to Thursday. 😭😭

If it weren’t for my prawns, potatoes and salmon, my firey temper would’ve wooshed up!


May I say… The mashed potatoes tastes 95% similar to the ones I always have at Tony Roma’s in KL!!!! Homaigawddd…. And I dig those Mash. Gonna work on the texture during winter break! Hehe

Everyone. Meet the balm for my sore-d heart.

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