Green Beginning

Assalamualaikum errone!

So, last Friday, I had a group presentation and alhamdulillah, we finished and submitted on Thursday! Had a good dinner on that day itself thinking it was already Friday, and oh boy I keep reminding myself that I gotta wake up early for school the next day because weekend has not started. Bummer.

Checked the weather forecast for Friday and I just smiled when I saw the Sun image on my laptop screen and knew what to wear. The rock off your shoulder when you know what to wear… ;D

Apparently it rained a little but I was indoor, so Phew! for that.

20141011_003704 20141011_003756

Taken on my way to home. Hi-yuuuuuuuuuuuuujjj rainbow! It was massive and just, so beautiful Ma Syaa Allah.


That’s just me being brave wearing ballerina flats and absolutely no coat out. Thank god it didn’t rain on me!


2014-10-13 00.24.24

Since all trees are browning/yellowing, I felt like a good, walking green tree. How did I do?


Dinner by yours truly. I’m so at peace with my inner-self. Can you tell?

I feel extremely green that day. How about you?


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