Eid Mubarak

Assalamualaikum every-badeh. How was your eid?

Mine was like a black canvas with a hint of shiny glitter.

I woke up shagged and was contemplating between doing housework or doing school work. It was a tough decision. But since my place was getting a little sandy, and I only fancy sand on playground or beach, chores was it! Bo-o-ring. Bahh. This is the black part of the canvas.

Did the boring usuals, mopping, cleaning, laundry-ing the bed linen and all, while watching Bones (multitasking at my best)… I heard a weird noise. Like a blooping ring tone.

I thought it was the laptop, but it’s new! Can’t go nuts that fast. Can’t be Bones cause I’ve re-watched this a gazillion time and I’ve not heard this ‘noise’ before. So I stopped mopping and check on the laptop and my dad was calling me!

It was nice to see my dad and my uncle even for just a short while. The shiny glitter bits of the mundane day.

Last year, had no parents around for hari raya haji and this year I have no family at all. My, my, how are we moving up in the independent world.

My dad had to ask about the card I used at Bicester village yesterday. He was pleasant that I went out with my cousin. I was more than delighted of course! Hehe.

“You used the card yesterday right? I got the bank’s sms”

“Yeap, I bought a bag”

*Widens eyes* “You bought a bag??? Don’t you have enough bags?” *Eyes still widen*

“It is pretty!”

At that point in time I wanted to smack my head. Should’ve said I bought a coat instead. He’d be more forgiving, I assume. 

I hope you’ve had a good time with your family and food. 😀

I think I need to go and grab that coat. Gotta test my dad’s expression again. Bahahaha. K bye!

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