Posh Dinner

Hello Friday!

T’was quite a long day at school today and I wasn’t sure what to have for dinner. What kind of sentence was that? No link at all. Pfft.

Do I continue eating the remaining of my ayam lemak cili padi? (Just because I can eat em all day err day). Or do I make use of that prawn in my fridge? Checked the best before date and knew immediately what my dinner was going to be.

This is by far the posh-est meal I’ve ever made.


Isn’t the shape of the pasta funky!!??


Was inspired by this but since I don’t have an oven (yet), I gotta make my own twist.

The tom yam paste in the cupboard was screaming for my attention so, voila!

Prawn and Scallop creamy tom yam pasta.

Have a great weekend errone!

Gotta knockout and rest my leg. Lots of standing (shopping) tomorrow. *winks*winks*

P.s: Craving for watermelon. Bahhh

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