Here’s to family

Funny how in Singapore, I stuff myself Western food and even fly to Malaysia to get my fix.

And right here, I’m busy whatsapping my brother to get ayam lemak cili padi recipe from the bibik.

They say you are what you eat. Am I Minah Salleh or Wanita Melayu Terakhir?? Identity crisis. Oh my gawd.

Months ago my cousin broke a news that he’ll be sent to UK for work/training for few weeks and I was like, ‘YESSSSS!!! Got kawan (friend), one day also can la,’ cannot be choosy mah.

So today, someone landed at 6am in London, driven for 3hr (I think) to Derby and still make time (read: personally drove) to see me to pass me my essentials.

My essentials?



Dad’s essential to me: Supplementary card (for emergency — heh heh).

Bibik’s essential to me: Everything else excepts; (how do I live without cereal prawn (with curry leaves yumm) guys? It’s vital.)

Me essential to me: Cutting Mat, Foot Salt, Novel & Hard Disk (Abang Morgan, Abang John Reese , Abang Caffrey and more Abang is in there) <— You know, things that cannot fit into my 80kg checked in baggage and 20kg hand carry luggage. Light travellers put your hands up!

How he travels 20kg for slightly more than a month still puzzle me but he deserves two award, so today, after our early dinner, walked around to a place he googled which was near the restaurant to see some nice building. Place where I’ve happened to be there, cause I got lost around that nice area once, but never really checked that place out and today I did.

He called me kental for not exploring and cooping myself up over the weekend in my apartment. In my defense, I told him I’ll be here for few years. Plenty of time! Hahaha.

Second award? My prayers that you’ll enjoy your time here and be safe and sound! =)

2014-09-27 03.13.06


Satu we-fie for the family! Thank you soooo much for the 3-in-1 essentials. See you on Saturday In Syaa Allah!

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