Assalamualaikum everyone!

Not too late to do a #TBT Throwback Thursday here 🙂


Playing with Autumn colours. How did I do?

Last Monday (22 Sept) is officially the first day of Autumn. Arrived here approximately 2 and a half weeks ago. Since I arrived at night, it was pretty chilly, which I assume to be normal. Morning gets a little cold but bearable.

When I checked into my apartment, the staff that assisted my brother and I told us that it’s summer and it’s not supposed to be as cold as it was. I didn’t know that! I conveniently flew there thinking Autumn has started. noob.

 The brother ditched me a week after and there I was, chilling in my own world. I’ve got books, hard disks and my bears, what else could I ask for, right? (Except for some family warmth. Sappy but true.) Especially since the cold gets colder everyday. It gets worst when there is no sun!

20140922_201049 20140922_201119

Enjoying the sun while it last. Obviously I’m not one to look at camera.

Few days after the brother left, mornings gets very cold to the point where I needed to put on socks on top of bedroom slippers.


When it gets worst, I have to go out, walk around and do some damage control.


What? I’m actually saving the earth! All that paper bag sitting in the store? No way!

Be a good earthling people.

P.s: I proudly ditch my black pants. It’s pretty useless here. >.<

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