New Season


First post from UK! It’s last day of summer here. It’s the beginning of Autumn tomorrow In Syaa Allah.

Nevertheless it was chilly when I reached here. -.-“

Welcome to England. Where you actually look forward to see the Sun. No kidding.

Since I’m quite settled here, settled-read: my fridge and kitchen are more or less ready for my action, so here’s what I had!




*blows nail*

My bananas were ripe-ing faster than you can say Gonzales and I can’t down 3 ripe bananas in one go so I made banana pancakes.

For the recipe, I got Mat Salleh to get me Sorted (literally). Recipe ere.



Stewed vegetable with rice vermicelli and tofu beancurd coated in egg.

Pretty much carb-y for brunch, I tried hard to not have pasta so it was a dilemma on soup noodle? Stir-fry noodle? In the end I just whack-a-doodle and I realised, HEY!! This is actually a vegetarian meal!

OMG! Is this a new beginning?



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