The Mystery of the Green Plate

So uhm… I am missing a plate.

Did I mention that I’m staying alone?

I brought two plates with me. From home. Like I said, I travel light.

While I was storing away my utensils, I realised one plate was missing and checked the fridge thrice and it was nowhere to be seen. Freaking out ere’.

Please please please let there be no momok, God… Or if there is, let them look like Edward Cullen.

*turns around, frowns at the kitchen*


Wouldn’t be able to solve this mystery if I hadn’t blog. Well well well. What time is it?

Probably time for me to dye my hair blond. Huuaargghhhh.. *punch self*

Here’s to family

Funny how in Singapore, I stuff myself Western food and even fly to Malaysia to get my fix.

And right here, I’m busy whatsapping my brother to get ayam lemak cili padi recipe from the bibik.

They say you are what you eat. Am I Minah Salleh or Wanita Melayu Terakhir?? Identity crisis. Oh my gawd.

Months ago my cousin broke a news that he’ll be sent to UK for work/training for few weeks and I was like, ‘YESSSSS!!! Got kawan (friend), one day also can la,’ cannot be choosy mah.

So today, someone landed at 6am in London, driven for 3hr (I think) to Derby and still make time (read: personally drove) to see me to pass me my essentials.

My essentials?



Dad’s essential to me: Supplementary card (for emergency — heh heh).

Bibik’s essential to me: Everything else excepts; (how do I live without cereal prawn (with curry leaves yumm) guys? It’s vital.)

Me essential to me: Cutting Mat, Foot Salt, Novel & Hard Disk (Abang Morgan, Abang John Reese , Abang Caffrey and more Abang is in there) <— You know, things that cannot fit into my 80kg checked in baggage and 20kg hand carry luggage. Light travellers put your hands up!

How he travels 20kg for slightly more than a month still puzzle me but he deserves two award, so today, after our early dinner, walked around to a place he googled which was near the restaurant to see some nice building. Place where I’ve happened to be there, cause I got lost around that nice area once, but never really checked that place out and today I did.

He called me kental for not exploring and cooping myself up over the weekend in my apartment. In my defense, I told him I’ll be here for few years. Plenty of time! Hahaha.

Second award? My prayers that you’ll enjoy your time here and be safe and sound! =)

2014-09-27 03.13.06


Satu we-fie for the family! Thank you soooo much for the 3-in-1 essentials. See you on Saturday In Syaa Allah!


Assalamualaikum everyone!

Not too late to do a #TBT Throwback Thursday here 🙂


Playing with Autumn colours. How did I do?

Last Monday (22 Sept) is officially the first day of Autumn. Arrived here approximately 2 and a half weeks ago. Since I arrived at night, it was pretty chilly, which I assume to be normal. Morning gets a little cold but bearable.

When I checked into my apartment, the staff that assisted my brother and I told us that it’s summer and it’s not supposed to be as cold as it was. I didn’t know that! I conveniently flew there thinking Autumn has started. noob.

 The brother ditched me a week after and there I was, chilling in my own world. I’ve got books, hard disks and my bears, what else could I ask for, right? (Except for some family warmth. Sappy but true.) Especially since the cold gets colder everyday. It gets worst when there is no sun!

20140922_201049 20140922_201119

Enjoying the sun while it last. Obviously I’m not one to look at camera.

Few days after the brother left, mornings gets very cold to the point where I needed to put on socks on top of bedroom slippers.


When it gets worst, I have to go out, walk around and do some damage control.


What? I’m actually saving the earth! All that paper bag sitting in the store? No way!

Be a good earthling people.

P.s: I proudly ditch my black pants. It’s pretty useless here. >.<

New Season


First post from UK! It’s last day of summer here. It’s the beginning of Autumn tomorrow In Syaa Allah.

Nevertheless it was chilly when I reached here. -.-“

Welcome to England. Where you actually look forward to see the Sun. No kidding.

Since I’m quite settled here, settled-read: my fridge and kitchen are more or less ready for my action, so here’s what I had!




*blows nail*

My bananas were ripe-ing faster than you can say Gonzales and I can’t down 3 ripe bananas in one go so I made banana pancakes.

For the recipe, I got Mat Salleh to get me Sorted (literally). Recipe ere.



Stewed vegetable with rice vermicelli and tofu beancurd coated in egg.

Pretty much carb-y for brunch, I tried hard to not have pasta so it was a dilemma on soup noodle? Stir-fry noodle? In the end I just whack-a-doodle and I realised, HEY!! This is actually a vegetarian meal!

OMG! Is this a new beginning?