I was wrong

2 countries, 3 cities in 2 weeks just drained me. I come home, unpack and pack to fly here and there and finally got home forreal yesterday. It’s quite sad to salaam my nenek everyweek and tell her I won’t be home for few days. The expression on her face. sighhh… BUT NOW I’M BACK BABY!!

It feels sooo comfortable to be home that I was just being my chirpy self going around the house and disturbing everyone – my nenek (grandmother) was not spared too -heh.

Just then I saw my dad and went, “PAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” He just stared, smiled and grinned at me as he made his way to the kitchen.

Sarcasm runs in the family and he went, “She’s back…Whenever this girl is home the house gets super noisy!” My my, the love you have for me.

It does not help that my nenek agrees with my dad! GASP!! Mann… I feel rejected.

HEY! HEY! I thought absence makes the heart grow fonder!

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