Assalamualaikum all…

May you read this in the best of your health and iman.

Remember my post on getting shot? Well, few days after getting back my blood test result, I was unwell and had a field trip to the doctor’s – again – boy was that fun! Killing two birds with one stone, I seek consultation on my result as some of the results was not on the good side.

TO MY HORROR… I had to take another blood test. OMG… Even leeches irk at the sight of me, shouldn’t needles be the same?!

One word came to my mind, ‘Mommy…’

Sighhh… But well, this girl had to man up (heh).

So the doctor took out the syringe and test tube which makes me wanted to bolt out on the spot. The needle… mak aiii…takde lagi panjang ka?? The sight makes me nauseous all over again.

Having family members who are working in the medical department, one famous phrase is, ‘Don’t let the doctor poke you. It’ll hurt. Get the nurse’

To remember that line when you are in the room ALONE with a doctor, in a clinic and not a hospital IS NO JOKE.

She took quite sometime finding my vein, Hey! I ain’t judging her skills but the lady that took my blood during the health check-up did it like a pro and didn’t hurt one bit. Note to self: Next time (Hah!) when I see her, I’ll take her number.

My doctor? Well, I had a good bruising for 1 week. Can’t even complaint to my aunt who’s a nurse cause she was all the way in Lebanon. -_____-”

Left the clinic few hundreds poorer, lesser ml of blood, more medicine, 2 days of Medical leave and a heavy heart not knowing what is wrong with my blood, I skipped home to the comfort of my boyfriends bears and bibik’s porridge.

As a bookworm, I naturally picked up the novel I was reading and happily forgot to take my medicine. Only realised it when the next medication time approached.

I’m used to being able to withstand drowsy pill. Chlorpheniramine? Ibuprofen? Cough Syrup? Not a problem. I can even Go-Kart my way around Singapore without damaging anything.

Now? Goshhhh… Not only do I feel drowsy, I feel numb too. Bed is my bestfriend.

But old habits die hard right? I fight my drowsiness and numbness and finish these book!


Bahahaha… I usually take 3 working days (cheh) to finish a book this thick. But this, I took less than 24 hours! I really hope my doctor don’t stumble upon my blog. She’ll probably give me s good dose of morphine to hibernate.

That was just the first day! Long story short, I finished these books from Sunday evening to Tuesday night.





Got called back to the clinic a week later and look! I’m on Happy Pill for 3 months!


Don’t they make you smile? #sarcasm

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