Assalamualaikum all

Ramadhan is passing by soooooooooo fast that there was actually a week where I woke up and went, “Ouh man… It’s only Monday, what am I suppose to wear?” and I find myself waking up again going, “OMG! It’s FRIDAY!! What happened from Tuesday to Thursday?!” It was a 2-minute-what-just-happened stoning moment for me. I think that was last Friday and Yo! It’s Thursday today. Besok Friday. OH.MY.GOSH.

Anyway, how can someone digressed at the start of the post? I can.

Anywhoo… nenek (grandma) has been hospitalised for more than a week now. It’s horrible. I feel hopeless and helpless seeing her condition. Been visiting hospital straight after work everyday. I hope this somehow makes up for not attending weekend family gathering.

My bedtime habit is reading before I go to bed. No, not Peter Pan, thanks. I usually start reading from 2100 all the way to 0030. I need to read before I sleep! Wajib! (Mandatory!) Haha…

Eating Polar’s Chicken Pie, 7-11 Tong Garden Hotties, long story short improper food is making me sick to my stomach. Don’t let me get there. Improper food, reaching home after 10, short bed time reading session and sahur just drains me!

Before you go all, budak ni tak ikhlas jaga nenek (I’m not sincere visiting my grandma), let me say that I’m just complaining cause I’m not taking care of myself well and alllllll I wanna doooo…. is complaint.

My neck hurts. Maybe from looking down too much. I wanna blame Sorted Food youtube channel. They’re flapping addictive.

My shoulder aches. I have tension headache for years now. I need a massage.

My lower back hurts – particularly on the right – must be my sitting position while playing music hero on the phone.

My eyes are sleepy it’s affecting my head. I just wanna flip people.

My butt hurts – I’ve been sitting too long. What am I suppose to do? Use Photoshop while standing?

OMG… My calendar just popped out – I’ve gotta run for a meeting! Gonna stop complaining for a while.

But first, lemme do this


Thank You God for allowing me to sigh and still be in one piece. Many of my sisters and brothers in Humanity don’t even get that chance. 😥



This is Pricilla (your extreme right) and she’s my classmate throughout our 3 years in Poly and, after working for more than 1 year, in separate studios, we finally get to be seated side by side.

You know those days when you’re driving and the Radio DJ keep chatting on and on and on which makes you go WHERE THE MUSIC BE AT YO! And when you’re reaching your destination and about to accept the fate that no music is being air-ed on this earth, easing or shortening your journey a familiar tune kicks in which makes you wanna insert the flip table meme…






Like this








Sorry I digressed. What I’m trying to say is that, for the past six times that i shift places (Yes, six!!) and when we finally get to sit beside each other, she’s leaving for Aussie. FUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

What worries me a lot is that she’s studying in an Ang Moh country and her spelling…huishhh… definitely not qualified to join spelling competition. Oral communication, pass. Writing skills, borderline pass.


..with regret my decision? = grammarnazi




I’m no genius but I must say that this woman is lucky to have me vetting through her “letter”. The punctuationsss… *Keeps dustbin close to sight*


This is the story of her phone number…

Me: Why are you including your phone number? You’ll be using +60 anyway. Email should be enough.

Pric: In case la. Just in case.

*5 minutes later*

Pric: Eh, you think I should include my phone number? I mean it’s personal.

Me: I told you no need what, it’s personal and you’ll not be using this number!

Pric: Aiyah nevermind la, just put la..

*On PhotoShop*

Adjusting font size..

Me: Eh, can you make your name, email and phone number font smaller? It’s too big and distracting.

Pric: Hmm… *adjust size* can?

Me: Somemore la…. still too big!

Pric: *Adjust again* Can?

Me: Still too big la! Seriously!

Pric: Cannot la… Later too small NOBODY WANT’S TO CALL ME!


Me: Omg…. stoppit! You think you’re very popular is it!?

Pric: Haha…can also la.

Someone please fix the narcissism in her.

Once everything was done, the email subject was the next issue. Goodbye & Goodluck? No. Too long! Last day? No. Too lame. Just put ‘Farewell’. Okies…

Spells out.. f….a…..r….w……e…..l…..l.

Me: HOI!!!! Spell farewell to me right now!

 Pric: *Opens new tab, spell wrongly, hit enter, Google corrects spelling*


Terrible spellings aside, I sincerely wish you all the best (Take it. You seriously need it. Haha.) with your studies and wish your future lecturers all the best with your essays!

Love you truckloads.

Till the next few years <3.

Let’s Skype!