Ramadhan Mubarak

Assalamualaikum all…

2nd day of Ramadhan today and I’m sure I’m not late to post this!



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Remember that Ramadhan is a marathon and not a sprint. Don’t tire yourself out that we’re to shagged for the awesomeness of the last 10 days – Hello Laylatul Qadr! 🙂

May this month bring you closer to Him and be a turning point for us to start doing something good and continue that act 😀

Hell Bound

Now… Don’t cue Imagine Dragons Demon song just yet…

Since it’s the school holidays, 2 of my cousins had a sleepover at my crib with my younger brother. And it so happens that that night was the night of Nisfu Syaaban.

So, we had a congregational prayer. As usual, boys are in front and ladies at the back. What I don’t understand is that the boys will be standing on the carpet so why does my maid sacrifice her praying mat for the boys feet. They’re standing on the carpet woman!!! Pergghh…..

I thought they were for us so I pulled it back before being snapped at. So fine! Use mine! I do not selfish! I took my prayer mat and flap it few times to “clean it” and it irritates my younger brother soooo much that he said this powerful sentence, “Stop it before I pray you go to hell!”

Ok well, that was too kind of me to put it that way. He actually said it in a stern voice like this, “StopitbeforeIprayyougotohell!”

As if I just inhaled a laughing gas, I just burst into laughter.

Azam…. if you ever read this, know that there’s once in your lifetime, you actually wanted to pray and tell God to shove me in Hell.

I. Shudder. Brrr….

Cues Imagine Dragons – Demon.