Bullet Vs Needle

What did you do yesterday?

Me? Oh, nothing, went to work, got my blood drawn into testubes and got back to work before going home and read a nice novel.

Had a health check up yesterday and the last time I got shot was say… Primary 6? That was like what…. 12 years ago? Haha… I wish! Whatever it is, has been more than 10 year since I got a human stick a needle in me on the arms. Of course in between that 10 years gap, I’ve bleed profusely for model making. As an architecture student, bleeding is part of the package. Trust me. It’s inevitable. Bahaha.

This health check up was voluntarily. Like I mentioned before, sometimes my body parts have a mind of it’s own. They didn’t even bother consulting my brain. SO RUDE! The next thing I know, I registered myself for the health check up and blood test is part of the package. I’ve always avoided health check ups with blood test cause, well, as you can tell by the first few paragraphs, needles are not my best friend. Totally cannot be a drug addict, I tell you.

Urine sample? Stool sample? Sure, take it… take it… I don’t need extra kilos on the weighing scale anyway.

Luckily at the registration counter, the staff was friendly and there was a makcik, so I asked her, “Sakit tak?” (Pain or not?). At the back of my mind, I swear I heard my inner voice telling me, ‘Makcik confirm say like ant bite one. Sure, confirm plus chop.’ So the makcik smiled at me, shook her head and said, “No la, like ant bite only.” OMG. I ALMOST BAWLED. People have got to stop lying about the ant bite phenomenon okay. I don’t even know what ant bite feels like. Mosquito bite, that one champion.


The queue for the blood taking station moved slowly compared to other stations. I mean, I totally understand. Need to find the vein, urgh, I’m getting woozy typing this, draw the blood, omg, I need to sit down. Thinking about this makes sick. I felt like telling the person, take your time but please, not too slow. My heart don’t take those kind of stress well. First world problem I tell you.


This part, gabra ready. I reflected what I have been doing for the past 2# years of my life and start to think of things that will bring me to a calm…. Personal Interest – John Reese .. ah…. Criminal Minds… Abang Morgan ah… Have you seen them when they got shot, bled and got up and continue like nothing happened?

Wah seh… I wanna be like them la. Right there and then, I felt like exiting the conference room and asking someone to shoot me – at the shoulder. If they can take it, so can I. Why shoulder? As you can see, I’ve had much time to think… not the legs, what if I walk with a limp? I still love my heels, so no, not legs or feet. Not the chest or heart, cause… well, you wanna die is it!!?? Not the arms, how am I suppose to eat? Not the head too cause, Hey! All I want is to avoid having an injection, bullet between my eyes is definitely taking things too far. Haha.

Next time have scenes where they get injected and still look cool okay directors…producers??? At least I can visualise and psycho myself better. Sheesh.

I also thought of running out and punching the arcade’s toy vending machine? with my fist, at one point. Is it vending machine? Haha. They can take the blood from my hands, hopefully if it bleeds. Haha. So many feelings and emotions in a short span of time.

When the lady called me, I showed her all kinds of expression except the brave mask. Must’ve left them in the train or something. She was very nice to calm me down but drama queen panics. She gave me the stress ball and told me which part she was gonna draw the blood from. That is the very last information of the year I needed, thanks. In between that I was like, hurry, hurry, get it over and done with or I’m running out NOW!

What I thought was the needle (finally), was just the lady rubbing the alcohol swab on my skin. OMG. THIS SEEMS FOREVER. Like this post. After the alcohol swab, I knew the needle comes in next. Heartbeat level: Usain Bolt. I quickly turned my head to her, before looking away again, she was aiming the needle(!!) already and said, “Err, sorry, can you talk to me? I’m scared.” She chuckled, stuck the needle… Ok la…. not pain, and we chatted. Hahahaha. It was a little ngilu (a little queasy, i think) when she pulled the needle out. But, yeah, it didn’t hurt like heartbreak or anything.

I think I’m ready for blood donation.

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