I think… I just found my new year’s resolution….

Better late than never, none?

My new resolution…? Update this space more often! Honestly, I blog a lot! But they were published in my head. Bahhhh…. With all these technologies, I hope one day, as we think, the words just forms itself on our gadget!

Speaking of technology, the ladies washroom at my office changed the sanitary pad bins recently. It was no longer the unconventional way where you have to stand or kangkang a bit while staying on the washing closet and dispose your lady stuff. The lid now opens by motion sensor. How cool is that! I need to get one for my house!!!

The design of the new bin is sleeker, in grey, gosh, how posh, slimmer and in oval shape. I think it’s not appearing well in your imagination but whatevs. If you want to know more, you can use my office’s washroom. Haha.

And because of this, they of course, took away the old bin and also a separate wall mounted bin which was an addition on top of the sanitary bins. Girls have lots of stuff to dispose you know….

The first time I entered my favorite cubicle, yes, I have favorite cubicle, I was pleasantly surprise but at the same time felt something was off, visually.

Apparently, since the new bin is slimmer, there was more leg space and the washing closet just looked ….. well, it didn’t look right. It is a little to the right and not centralised.

The first thought when I entered that cubicle?

“Oh my god! This bin is so gonna be my new bestfriend.”

“Eh wait, why is the jamban a little to the right? Ok, before I start my daily meeting, I shall push the jamban a little to the left.”

“*inner voice* Oi Mangkuk!! You think you’re some superhero is it? Any how suka-suka can push the floor and cemented jamban to where your eye pleases?”

Bahhhh….. Now I have to deal with unequal width space.

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