Astarghfirullahalazim…. Was reading my few previous posts, soooo many grammatical and spelling errors! Naudzubillah!

Anywhoo!! My life routine has been work-home and home-work for weekdays and Saturdays at airport, for dinner with the cousins, occasionally, and Sundays at my paternal grandmama’s house – which I have bad attendance record. Gotta buck up on it before I’m disowned or something. Haha

Few weeks ago as I was scrolling my Instagram timeline, I saw that Amena, of Pearl Daisy was coming to Malaysia and Singapore. I was like, any Saturday but the 18th, puhleeaaasseee!!

I knew her through a shared link of her Youtube video. She had me at Assalamu’alaikum. Vulnerable aren’t I? Haha.

Contemplated to go or not since I’d have to go alone as my partner couldn’t make it. I’m really a lazy wasp. Really. Going to events alone is sooo not me!

Why did I contemplate? Well, it starts at 2.30 (supposedly) and that means I’d have to bathe at before zohor… Who bathe thaaaaaaat early on a weekend? But then, I needed some me time, so, this girl hustled!

If Amena can brave through more than half a day flight, so can I!

Everyone came with company, and since I didn’t, I gave myself a new mantra, “There’s a first time for everything and I needed me time and Amena is here!!”

Funny though, while I was there, amidst the throng of people, while body surfing, oooh boy, rubbing shoulders with other sisters were so much fun! I recognise a familiar side view. Haha. T’was my cousin’s friend. Safe to say, I had a new company that day. MasyaaAllah, how Allah’s plan works.

Anywhoo… the seating arrangement was quite a mess and we stood somewhere nowhere which was amongst the vendors booth and photobooth! So when it was time for photo taking session, our eyes beamed, ok la, more so me, fan girl pe.

Starstruck ok! She’s beautiful inside out MasyaaAllah.

Of course I managed to take picture with her and salam her (shake hands). My goshhh… I’m so gonna frame my right hand not washing my em ok!

Amena doublexfghjk

They say a picture is worth a thousand word. I have two! The last picture, while I was getting ready, she literally scanned me up and down. Not the Who’s this hottie ere’!?? It’s more like ‘Am I taking a picture with an abnormal?’ I wanted to say, “I’ll explain how out of the world of a girl I can be but not now cause there are probably thousands waiting behind me and I’ve got eyes rolling behind me now!” So akak! cepat senyum! Hahaha.

I’d like to give my loooovveee and thanks to Emil, for wanting to buy prayer mat for her daughter and suggest us standing around that particular vendor’s booth which coincidentally was near the photo booth. Niat baik Allah confirm tolong kan? Hahahaha. Which means that we were like what? The first 5 to actually take photo with her!!! So, Kak Effa, now you know how I got to take pictures with her. 😀

Ok, enough fangirling.

Gonna brush my teeth (with my left hand) and prepare for bedtime.


Oh and, don’t judge my weekend bathing schedule ey!

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