So I’m kinda the unofficially official (note taker tak bertauliah) minute taker of Fatayat’s monthy usrah. So…. ere’s October usrah update!

Oh and err… Assalamu’alaikum errone!

The surahs of the Quran gets shorter as pages flip by so this month, we recited and shared 2 surahs: 73:Al-Muzzammil and 74:Al-Muddathir (Al-Muddassir).

::: So, I shall start with Surah Muzzammil. This surah was sent during a war. One night, the enemies wanted to know what their opponent were up to at night. Sharpening their swords?, preparing breakfast? or kiwi-ing their boots? But nah… they were busy worshipping your creator and mine. So they were surprised that their enemy have the energy to spend their resting time worshipping instead of sleeping or spying their side… ooooh those sneaky people.

::: Life….. well, there’s err… choices. The pro’s and con’s. A believer would make choices that is good for themself and whatever that benefits their akhirah (afterlife).


Prayer = talking to Him

Reciting the Quran = Him talking to us.

See how this 2 way conversation work beautifully?

When was the last time we had a girl’s night out with our galpals? Last Friday night? How long was that meetup? Say… 8pm till midnight? 4 hours right? It was awesome wasn’t it?

Now, when was the last time you talked to your Creator for 4 hours straight? I’m not gonna lie and say that I have talked to Him for 4 hours. I mean in ramadhan during witr after tarawih I’m already thinking of the dessert my grandma or maid prepared.

After all those, hello internet and hey God, I Love you but… TTYL.

And in the last 10 days, where people chase for the night of power, sometimes the first few lines I’d say is, ” Dear God, you are the Most Merciful, Most Loving and Most Forgiving… You accept doa/prayer/supplication is accepted in the 2/3 of the night  and more so when one’s forehead is on the ground so please please please pretty please forgive me, my past sins, current sins and future sins. Dear God, you are the Richest of all and Most Loving so please please please make my bonus come fast cause only you know how deep down in my heart I reaaaaalllyyy want those Louboutins.”

See how rude one can get? How can we talk to people for hours with much attention and focus on our friends/family, His creation and can’t even focus for 5 minutes to Our Creator. Ouch…. I feel so… Kongajar.. >.<

::: Another sister also shared that, we, humans, are actually ignorant and so full of ourselves. Sometimes when our spiritual spirit feels high and we go ok, 2 mins, I’ll pick up that Quran in 2 mins… and then…


You see , Allah doesn’t ask much from us. He gives us whatever ease that we have and at the same time, He KNOWS the hardship that we’re having. Our struggles. He wants to help us. That’s why he says, “… that you pass in prayer nearly two-thirds of the night … and Allah measures the night and the day … He knows that you are not able to do it, so he has turned to you (mercifully), therefore read as much of it as is easy (to you), and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate and offer to Allah a goodly gift…” What you got to do is improve yourself slowly. Slowly and steadily. Not so slowly like one surah on the first Monday of your birthday month = One Monday a year. Good move but come’one man! Who are we trippin’?

::: Waking during two-third of the night is actually to strengthen our… jiwa… faith / soul? I think, soul. Now, Just the normal fard (obligatory) prayer has loads of pahala (rewards). Imagine the amount of reward when you liven your night. MasyaAllah isn’t it?

Night prayer or Qiyamulail is when we do special prayer…. tahajjud, hajat and more. Prayer during this time is more rewarding as your “wish” or “Dear God, which decision should I make” situation is more likely to be granted. So! How badly do we want it? If we don’t strive for it, it just goes to show that we don’t really want it. Ouch… That hurt me.

There are nights when He woke me up in the middle of the night… to pee or whatsoever  and I’ll tell myself, Hey! Come’on lets talk to Him! He’s waiting,” and then there’s that cursed devil that whispers, ” Oh come on…. You’re gonna be late for work. You’re gonna be sleepy. You can’t sleep in the office.” Dayumm… Devil 1, Me 0. Bahhh… Humbug.

::: The period in which Prophet salallahualaihiwassalam (peace be upon him) received revelation to revelation is yeaaars. In between those, he kept praying at night for fear that revelation has stopped.


The key word here is not night prayer, which is just wake up, pray, and K.O. I mean, that’s a good start. But the real deal is to liven up your night. Fill it with prayer that you really mean. Recite the Quran like Allah is really talking to you. Feel it.


Now… That was Al-Muzzamil. What I just shared, all those are from the sisters. Many of those, I’ve yet to accomplish them, I’m still, trying. So, read this as if you’re reading notes from your friend. Not a note written by someone accomplished hokkaayyyy…

Anyways, I kinda misplaced that Al-Muddathir notes. Gahh… Can’t fine em. So, I shall call this part 1! When I’ve found it, I’ll call it part 2.

Till Al-Muddathir…

May you always find peace in yourself…. a.k.a May the peace be with you!    *salute motion*

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