I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not your Carrie Bradshaw or pink and polka dot kinda girlfriend. I hope karma don’t get back at me on this. I’m your, wear your brother’s shirt to work errday.


last weekend, my aunt came over to help me tidy up some stuff and look what discovery was unearthed during the process!

2013-10-19 23.36.36

It’s a hairband.

So, some unknown hormones got to me and I tried it on.

Me: Oh gosh, I’m trying this. Get ready people.

*Tries it on* Turn to Momski*

Me: (grins) How do I look?

*Gasp and covers mouth*

Momski: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! My gosh! You look like a girl! Scary! EEEEEEEE!

cat shock


Cause I love you, no offence taken ah!

ooooh, Assalamu’alaikum yall :B

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