Tuesday Sharing: Intake

P.s: Who starts P.S in front seh? Nehmind, Anywho I tried to download and cut the video but t’was in vain. Tried to mp3 it and upload it but again, in vain. I really have no luck with tech savvy stuff SO! Video, skip to 25:07 …. it only takes 1:40 or 100 seconds. You do have that right? 3 minutes (180 secs) for Westlife… 100 seconds for Allah? No?


Supposed to post something else but my mind is messed up now cause I’mma fool when I’m full so I’m not gonna make a fool of anything related to you know… my faith.

I’m a huge food junkie. Real sweet tooth. I have no idea who I got it from cause fo sho’ I didn’t get it from my momma or my daddy.  Sometimes it pisses me off that Singapore has soooo many dessert eateries that ARE NOT HALAL. But dear God, Alhamdulillah. You’re keeping my waistline in check, Jazakumullah Kheir! Hahaha :b And for that very same reason is why I travel to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta quite often to get my food fix! Anything for cravings.

Marche Bens

Seeee…. Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur ahhhhhhhhh…. I wanna goooo baackkk!! Feeling rude and vulgar looking at these bahh humbug


It kinda hurt me (and my stomach) to turn down people’s offer out to dessert eateries like Ice-cream chef, some marble slab ice-creams when I know that they’re not halal certified.

People tell me: Well, hey! It’s just ice-cream! What’s with the halal status?

Me: What if they have lard? Gelatin? What about their ice-cream with rum? Rum Raisin, hello? Ring a bell?

People: I’m sure they’ve washed the scoop.

Me: Yes, but what about the broader contamination?


Me: Ok, thanks, juuuust the way I like it!

I remember seeing this video which explains what happens when we consume non-halal food and it scare the hell out of it. I’ve been wanting to share it but lost the video and couldn’t remember who gave that talk.

Suddenly, wham, bam! While my ears were stuffed with my earpiece and my mind went into unconscious mood I picked up this familiar topic and voice. Seriously MaSyaAllah.

It’s actually… More than 20 minutes long but, err, I’m nice, so, I cut the video straight to the point. Have a listen!

I hope it helps you as much as it has help(ed) me.

Ok, Ciao, Assalamualaikum!


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