Assalamualaikum errbaddeh!

So currently Insidious 2 is taking over The Conjuring. I’ve yet to catch Insidious 2 but, managed to watch The Conjuring with my cousins, alhamdulillah.

Twas sort of a last minute arrangement. I just went, ‘who’s in, come on chop chop, goona book now!’

We went in a large group…. If more than 10 is large, then large it is! So, while we were arranging ourselves, one person was left without a seat. We were like…. Errr… This could not be happening!

But ya, it did. My brother volunteered to buy separate tix and seat away from us cause he’s watched it anyways and just came for fun. Peh berani. Then we went over the list of people on the spot to re-double-triple-check the list of people. I mean… How could this happen right?


This of course, could only happen when I, guilty as charged, was in-charge of the list.

How did the brother went? Oh, he got a seat alright.

How did I went, well, death stares are normal. But my favourite padan muka korang right back at ya moment was when the entire theatre was dead silent and I screamed cause I saw the ghost, I think, and the rest didn’t.

So while I was grasping my cousin’s arm for my dear life, and shrieking, the entire human population sans me saw the ghost and they screamed at somewhere between top and middle of their lungs while I smile with my eyes shut. Heh. Dude…. What was that side-eyeing for? Pfft…

In case you can’t find the discrepancy, there’s two number four.

Oh and by the way, I almost missed someone out again while doing a mass order for something. That… Will be a separate post comrade.


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