Tuesday Sharing: Afraid to Read

I have a draft from Ramadhan’s Usrah which is not posted. I know, I know, lazy alert! Lazy alert! My baaaaad. But, there’s a sharing from that Usrah that I can use here!

Someone (This someone is not me) shared to the group of us about Quran, ” Orang yang membaca Al-Quran, ayat-ayat yang kita selalu baca, di kubur, dia akan menemani kita. Oleh itu, jagalah hubungan kita dengan Al-Quran. Pada Hari Qiyamat, Allah memanggil ibu bapa kita dengan memakai mahkota kerana kita (anaknya) menjaga hubungan kita dengan Al-Quran. Orang yang menjaga hubungannya dengan Al-Quran saat-saat kita meninggal akan menjadi saat-saat manis untuk kita. Kerana Al-Quran itu akan datang dan membantu mereka.”

Also, err… I can’t remember the exact word but it goes along this line, “Rugilah orang yang tidak mendekatkan diri mereka dengan Al-Quran kerana ia mempunyai syafaat.” Then, there’s, ” Apabila kita sudah meninggal, putus lah nikmat dunia dan Al-Quran dan amalan lah peneman kita. Bayangkan pada Hari Qiyamat kita diberi buku kita dengan tangan kiri. Rugi sangat-sangat. Kenapa? Sebab masa kita di Dunia ini tidak digunakkan sebaik-baiknya. At this point, there is no turning back. On the flip side, kalau kita menerima buku amalan kita dengan tangan kanan, kitalah manusia yang sangat *i forgot the word* ah yes, bertuah. Orang yang terima buku amalan mereka dengan tangan kiri rugi sangat-sangat kerana pertama, mereka tidak dapat jumpa Allah. Don’t you want to meet Allah? Don’t you want to meet Our perfect Creator? Dan sudah tentunya orang yang menerima buku amalannya dengan tangan kiri tahu balasan yang menunggu mereka.” “Kalau kita adalah seorang anak yang sangat dekat dengan Quran, ibu bapa kita juga dapat memasuki syurga melalui kita, isn’t that a good deed?”

*pause* I actually forgot what I wanted to write. Yes, this is not what I wanted to write. At this point then I remembered! GAGALS. So, Since the cup is half full, I shall just continue and keep my supposedly this week share of sharing next week! Haha *ok, go*

I think last time (or sometimes now), I was kinda afraid of the Quran cause of the truth it holds. You know that there are some parts of your lifestyle which is unacceptable and stated in the Quran and you know that if you don’t reaaaaally know, Allah will forgive you because of your ignorance. But hey! One has got to be realistic right? So alhamdulillah, I started knowing (know ok, not really understand. I am faarr away from that) the meaning behind the verses bit by bit (thanks to usrahs and quotes from tumblr). I can never do it on my own man. Too many distractions!

So here’s a part of Afraid to Read lyrics :

(You can play the video below. But just to anyone who is a no-no to music, here’s the snippet of it. It only has tabla? Haha, kinda like drum beat. That’s a general term that Malay’s use >.< For those who are not, listen! It’s really meaningful).

I sent an email to my loved one, just the other day

It’s sad communication has evolved this way.

We use so many words but have so little to relate

Angels scribble down every letter that we say.

All the viral attachments sent and passionate insults we vent

It’s easy to be arrogant behind user passwords we invent.

But on the day the scrolls are laid, with every word and deed displayed,

When we read our accounts, I know, for one, I’ll be afraid.

That day I’ll be so afraid to read,

Every harsh word that I’ve spoken – and every time I have lied.

I’ll be obliged to admit,I’ll be obliged to submit

Will I have strength owning up to each deed I’ve tried to hide?

Oh Allah, I’m so afraid to read.

Oh yeaaahhh, Assalamu’alaikum guys 😀


I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not your Carrie Bradshaw or pink and polka dot kinda girlfriend. I hope karma don’t get back at me on this. I’m your, wear your brother’s shirt to work errday.


last weekend, my aunt came over to help me tidy up some stuff and look what discovery was unearthed during the process!

2013-10-19 23.36.36

It’s a hairband.

So, some unknown hormones got to me and I tried it on.

Me: Oh gosh, I’m trying this. Get ready people.

*Tries it on* Turn to Momski*

Me: (grins) How do I look?

*Gasp and covers mouth*

Momski: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! My gosh! You look like a girl! Scary! EEEEEEEE!

cat shock


Cause I love you, no offence taken ah!

ooooh, Assalamu’alaikum yall :B

Tuesday Sharing: Intake

P.s: Who starts P.S in front seh? Nehmind, Anywho I tried to download and cut the video but t’was in vain. Tried to mp3 it and upload it but again, in vain. I really have no luck with tech savvy stuff SO! Video, skip to 25:07 …. it only takes 1:40 or 100 seconds. You do have that right? 3 minutes (180 secs) for Westlife… 100 seconds for Allah? No?


Supposed to post something else but my mind is messed up now cause I’mma fool when I’m full so I’m not gonna make a fool of anything related to you know… my faith.

I’m a huge food junkie. Real sweet tooth. I have no idea who I got it from cause fo sho’ I didn’t get it from my momma or my daddy.  Sometimes it pisses me off that Singapore has soooo many dessert eateries that ARE NOT HALAL. But dear God, Alhamdulillah. You’re keeping my waistline in check, Jazakumullah Kheir! Hahaha :b And for that very same reason is why I travel to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta quite often to get my food fix! Anything for cravings.

Marche Bens

Seeee…. Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur ahhhhhhhhh…. I wanna goooo baackkk!! Feeling rude and vulgar looking at these bahh humbug


It kinda hurt me (and my stomach) to turn down people’s offer out to dessert eateries like Ice-cream chef, some marble slab ice-creams when I know that they’re not halal certified.

People tell me: Well, hey! It’s just ice-cream! What’s with the halal status?

Me: What if they have lard? Gelatin? What about their ice-cream with rum? Rum Raisin, hello? Ring a bell?

People: I’m sure they’ve washed the scoop.

Me: Yes, but what about the broader contamination?


Me: Ok, thanks, juuuust the way I like it!

I remember seeing this video which explains what happens when we consume non-halal food and it scare the hell out of it. I’ve been wanting to share it but lost the video and couldn’t remember who gave that talk.

Suddenly, wham, bam! While my ears were stuffed with my earpiece and my mind went into unconscious mood I picked up this familiar topic and voice. Seriously MaSyaAllah.

It’s actually… More than 20 minutes long but, err, I’m nice, so, I cut the video straight to the point. Have a listen!

I hope it helps you as much as it has help(ed) me.

Ok, Ciao, Assalamualaikum!



Assalamualaikum errbaddeh!

So currently Insidious 2 is taking over The Conjuring. I’ve yet to catch Insidious 2 but, managed to watch The Conjuring with my cousins, alhamdulillah.

Twas sort of a last minute arrangement. I just went, ‘who’s in, come on chop chop, goona book now!’

We went in a large group…. If more than 10 is large, then large it is! So, while we were arranging ourselves, one person was left without a seat. We were like…. Errr… This could not be happening!

But ya, it did. My brother volunteered to buy separate tix and seat away from us cause he’s watched it anyways and just came for fun. Peh berani. Then we went over the list of people on the spot to re-double-triple-check the list of people. I mean… How could this happen right?


This of course, could only happen when I, guilty as charged, was in-charge of the list.

How did the brother went? Oh, he got a seat alright.

How did I went, well, death stares are normal. But my favourite padan muka korang right back at ya moment was when the entire theatre was dead silent and I screamed cause I saw the ghost, I think, and the rest didn’t.

So while I was grasping my cousin’s arm for my dear life, and shrieking, the entire human population sans me saw the ghost and they screamed at somewhere between top and middle of their lungs while I smile with my eyes shut. Heh. Dude…. What was that side-eyeing for? Pfft…

In case you can’t find the discrepancy, there’s two number four.

Oh and by the way, I almost missed someone out again while doing a mass order for something. That… Will be a separate post comrade.


Evelyn Rose


Few days ago *pause* I’m having this sudden adrenaline rush for God knows what reason… Urgh… Hate is unsettling feeling *ok go*… I was scrolling my instagram timeline and this lady posted a book with caption of praises to the book which was then in the slightly torn plastic bag tied tightly, under my abandoned and unused study table in my room. I’m a sucker for planes. Really. I loooove planes. My first choice for my tertiary education was aviation and management service or ams, but I’m a talker. Language’s my kinda thanng. Not math and science. I love physics though. So! I thought, hey! Lets give this book a chance. I did pick that book few weeks prior and decided that the ‘calling’ or seru wasn’t there yet. But after seeing the post and review, I decided to give this book a shot.

Aaaaand, oh boy!

T’was good. Really really good. I’m having withdrawal symptoms. I think this frenzied feeling is due to the book. The content is heavy. Not meant for ‘hey, I’m bored so imma read this book in one seating cause I can!’

At first I was like, 700+ pages? Easy peasy, 2 days max. But! Halfway I find myself stopping every few pages to really, physically, catching up my breathe and arranging my thoughts. It’s not your average novel like sehangat asmara or bicara hati kinda thing.

It’s very realistic that I personally think it would be a great Tele-novela plus the fact that I won’t watch it. Don’t ask why. I just don’t watch movies/dramas/tv shows translated from book cause they just fuzz up with my imagination of/from the book plus the story line, actors and actress are always incomparable to the story line. I’d like to keep the way I imagine it just fine in my mind thanks!

Live in reality.
Accidentally brought fantasy into reality.
This is so not healthy.

I hate this lingering withdrawal pheeling that I’m having. The ending was fine but there’s this….. Err…. Pardon my english, terkilan feeling from the book. I don’t know what it is but what I need to know is I need to wash off this heavy-but-fuzzy-and-light-pleasejanganlayanaqilah feeling and there’s only one way, another book.

Won’t be picking up this book anytime soon cause I might just super glue it to my skin if I do it. It’s really addictive ahhhh!!!!

I would like to thank the makcheek that sneakily snuck behind me and went, “Dik, buku ni bagus dik,” (Little girl (not so little I’m aware! Let me have my moment please, haha) this book is good). She kept “introducing” me to more books and i bought all of them! All is like… 4? So don’t worry, it wasn’t the entire bookstore 🙂 *looks at my pocket, few pennies left, thank god* haha.

Malays have this saying, Yang Lebih Tua itu lebih Banyak Makan Asam Garam, which means that the older you are, the more your experience is. I bet this makcik antenna went *alert*alert*vulnerable booksucker*alert*alert* when I was 20m away… bahh, humbug. Haha.

Oh, please don’t make me direct translate the Yang lebih tua itu lebih banyak makan asam garam cause I assure you it doesn’t make sense. Ok, fine, for the fun of it!

The older eats more salt and assam. Haha. See! This is what we call… lost in language! :b

*Rummage* Where is thaaattt… urghh…








photo of that bookstore






Here you go! The bottom right eh guys, bottom right. Leaving this bookstore is always heartbreaking. *wipes tears* Gahhh… I LOVE KUALA LUMPPUUURRRR!!!!

Now, excuse me while I wash my dubious feelings with tunas. For the nth time.


Oh! The book! The book!


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Belated but, wish all Muslims Happy Eid and Happy Holiday to non-muslims 🙂