Part-Time Job (employee of the month while we’re at that too!)

Assalamualaikum errrbaaddeehhh!!!

Last Saturday… At 2300 hours… What were you on?


Me? Was just lying and rolling on piles of shawls…!! Hahaha…. I get excited typing and looking at these gorgeous pile of colours! Why? Aku punya pasallah… Hehehehe

There are some things in life which you love to do but when it becomes a job, it’ll lose that fun integrity.

What I do for fun (when lazy)…


Shawl shopping part &#+@+#& of &#+#+#.

Few weeks later….


Shawl shopping part &#@&+@+ of #)-@:@)@ 🙂

Choosing which pink, blue or purple is pretty much headache when the colour difference is probably a universal colour code away. Manyakk susahh wooo.

When your hobby is packing, others chore is your (or rather mine) fun, baby!!



Wheeeeeeeee!!!!! Separate, arrange, pack, seal, stamp em’, scotch tape ’em, wrap em…. Ah luvvvvit!!!

My reaction when I saw notification on my Facebook:



How I pheel? Recognized baby!! Hahaha

Ask me to help you pack!!??

Sekecil sealing beg paling kecik diminta, sebesar beg sampah trash saya tadahkan.

Kecil tapak tangan, nyiur (eh?) saya tadahkan…

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