Ramadan Kareem sisters and brothers in Islam 🙂

Was scrolling down my facebook page and stumble on sooo many pictories. So many quotes and sayings. SO! I wanna join the fun and share too! 😉

Many pictories on change, hijab especially, comes from sisters, whether they where hijab or not. I have no issues and hard feelings on sisters not in hijab. Khalassss

There are Muslims who practice Islam for Allah. There are Muslims who practice Islam during Ramadan. Which one is you? Slave of Allah or Slave of Ramadan?

Ramadan is a beautiful month. You see people gather more often. Girls dressing more modestly. Speech more respectful. People pray together more often. Albeit the posts ‘Aku lapar. (I’m hungry.) Boleh makan (Can eat) Nasi Bryani, Chocolate cupcake, Hot Dog Roll, Apple Pie, Shepherd Pie, Pavlova, Meringue, Koko Krunch right now, on Twitter and Facebook.

There’s been many Tweets on how sisters should cover up. Brothers leh? Yang pakai seluar bermudas atas lutut? Seluar ketat mengalahkan Superman, Cicakman dan segala Man? (What about brothers in bermudas above knee level? Tight pants that makes Superman, Cicakman and other Man lose to them?) Why don’t we let sisters advice sisters and brothers advice brothers? Afterall, we understand our gender better, no?

Ok, let’s not sidetrack!


So sisters! Let’s aim to improve ourselves!

If we’re covered. Let’s aim to loosen our clothes.

If we read the Qur’an once a week. Let’s aim for thrice a week and progress from that.

If our speech is a little rough and sharp. Let’s aim to soften and sweeten our speech.

I can’t think of anything else, oh my gosh! Blaming on the Bryani and Aglio Olio.

You know… I totally understand sisters who are waiting for that Taufiq and Hidayah to come on them before they don it.

I’m sure those who had done their research have stumble upon quotes like, “Isn’t the Qur’an enough for you?” or the 14 or 15 questions and answers for why you should cover your hair page. I yawned at that. Honestly. It knocked some sense into me but it was too long-winded for me. I digress. I apologise. If I sound and seem rude.

Have you ever fall in the kind of situation where you did your best to help your friend/family out of a difficult situation. You felt like your action wasn’t much of a help but more of a sacrifice. Some lives, were sacrifice (cheyy, drama sikit please) When all of that blows, that rascal (friend or family) just dish everything and carry on like your favour was nothing. How do you feel? Not being appreciated?

This Ramadan, let’s make a change. I hope the video below inspires you a little, as much as it inspire me.

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