Eldest Logic

Assalamualaikum errbaddehh!!

So a while ago, my mum, brother and I were chatting and with a light heart, she said, “Eh, your youngest brother is very good, you know. He told me not to worry about his homework for him. He’s settled everything, such a good boy.”

Should’ve seen that glow and pride on her face when she said that. My brother and I just smiled at each other.

When he (my younger brother) was in elementary school, he would do his homework late at night with my mum cause he violently object doing them with his Hitler sister. *buat muka tak bersalah please*innocent face* My mum would tirelessly tell me to be nice with the small big boy and I just went, ” Any nicer I might as well do it for him. He doesn’t listen!”

So yea… back to the conversation.

Brother (Eldest): Of course la.. Isn’t is always like that? The eldest always doesn’t do the homework. The middle child would do half-half. Then… when it comes to the youngest aaahhhh… that child will automatically do the homework.

We just burst laughing and I just went, “Actually, you can use that logic.”

Haha.. The brahh changed elementary school cause he was such a champ. I remember doing half my homework and copying the other half. My younger brother? He would do no such thing. He will go to the neighbour’s neighbour house a.k.a my cousin to get it done by hook or by crook.


Now we know.

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