Time Check: 1:34 am and I’m awake.

Just got back from spending a quarter of my day at a dreaded place.


At 1230, when the brain is suppose to be doing cooling down and doing something less intelligent, like, I don’t know, watching White Collar wiping the pool of saliva on the floor cause Neal Caffrey is just, well, Google it ah, but, instead, you’re trying to show your brain WHOSDABOSS, stoopid things will just come out from the mouth. If the walls had life, they’d be collapsing on me for being such an embarrassment.

Here’s the why..

Me: So where did you park the car?

Momski: You knew where I left you off? Ah, near there. Don’t worry. You’ll see it when we’re at the lift lobby door.

*2 mins later*in the elevator*ooh that rhymes!*

Me: So, where did you cark the par?

*In the head: Oooh, somewhere something sounded wrong. But where?*

Yes, I had the heart to ask myself where actually went wrong.

Momski: *Squinted eyes.*What is this budak bodoh talking?* YOU!! YOU DON’T USE ME AS YOUR ROLE MODEL PLEASE!

Me: Too bad bebeh. (Should’ve warn me earlier)


Both of us just looked at each other in disbelief.

Well, at least I wasn’t vulgar!!

Momski story with her friends/cousins/human

Momski: Eh, Why you park the car so far.

Go figure.

So, if anyone wonders where I get my upgraded bimbo traits and sense of humour, look no further.

But, yeah…

2013-06-17 00.29.37From the lobby door, the car was really at the 12 O’Clock position.

Till then, *yawns* Assalamualaikum! May All of you be in the best of health and iman 🙂 ~

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