Eldest Logic

Assalamualaikum errbaddehh!!

So a while ago, my mum, brother and I were chatting and with a light heart, she said, “Eh, your youngest brother is very good, you know. He told me not to worry about his homework for him. He’s settled everything, such a good boy.”

Should’ve seen that glow and pride on her face when she said that. My brother and I just smiled at each other.

When he (my younger brother) was in elementary school, he would do his homework late at night with my mum cause he violently object doing them with his Hitler sister. *buat muka tak bersalah please*innocent face* My mum would tirelessly tell me to be nice with the small big boy and I just went, ” Any nicer I might as well do it for him. He doesn’t listen!”

So yea… back to the conversation.

Brother (Eldest): Of course la.. Isn’t is always like that? The eldest always doesn’t do the homework. The middle child would do half-half. Then… when it comes to the youngest aaahhhh… that child will automatically do the homework.

We just burst laughing and I just went, “Actually, you can use that logic.”

Haha.. The brahh changed elementary school cause he was such a champ. I remember doing half my homework and copying the other half. My younger brother? He would do no such thing. He will go to the neighbour’s neighbour house a.k.a my cousin to get it done by hook or by crook.


Now we know.


Time Check: 1:34 am and I’m awake.

Just got back from spending a quarter of my day at a dreaded place.


At 1230, when the brain is suppose to be doing cooling down and doing something less intelligent, like, I don’t know, watching White Collar wiping the pool of saliva on the floor cause Neal Caffrey is just, well, Google it ah, but, instead, you’re trying to show your brain WHOSDABOSS, stoopid things will just come out from the mouth. If the walls had life, they’d be collapsing on me for being such an embarrassment.

Here’s the why..

Me: So where did you park the car?

Momski: You knew where I left you off? Ah, near there. Don’t worry. You’ll see it when we’re at the lift lobby door.

*2 mins later*in the elevator*ooh that rhymes!*

Me: So, where did you cark the par?

*In the head: Oooh, somewhere something sounded wrong. But where?*

Yes, I had the heart to ask myself where actually went wrong.

Momski: *Squinted eyes.*What is this budak bodoh talking?* YOU!! YOU DON’T USE ME AS YOUR ROLE MODEL PLEASE!

Me: Too bad bebeh. (Should’ve warn me earlier)


Both of us just looked at each other in disbelief.

Well, at least I wasn’t vulgar!!

Momski story with her friends/cousins/human

Momski: Eh, Why you park the car so far.

Go figure.

So, if anyone wonders where I get my upgraded bimbo traits and sense of humour, look no further.

But, yeah…

2013-06-17 00.29.37From the lobby door, the car was really at the 12 O’Clock position.

Till then, *yawns* Assalamualaikum! May All of you be in the best of health and iman 🙂 ~

Rimau dalam Mangkuk (Tiger in a Jar)


MIA for quite sometime cause well, someone is-was-were busy. Heh. I wrote few drafts and realise that they were too sucky and tacky to be posted so, SCRAP THAT! Haha

A few posts back when I went to KL (Kuala Lumpur), I managed to grab Wondermilk’s cupcakes and cake in a jar. I used the cupcakes as a farewell “gift” for my colleagues when I left Tiger’s lair. It’s pretty, value for money and is not wasted plus definitely appreciated gift, so, if y’all leaving your workplace or school, it’s a perfect something… especially if you’re a KL-ian. I was lucky to be there and ending my term somewhere around the same timeline.


WMThis pretty much sums up my sweetness, thank you! Haha…

I went Publika quite late in the afternoon and there were not much choices left. So I told the guy who attended to me that I wanted 2 cakes per flavour and for flavours with less than 2, just put other flavour to make it 25 altogether. The lady behind me went, “Are you gonna buy everything???” “I wouldn’t, if you ask any nicer,” I said, in my head. Keep Calm woman. I’m pelahap. But not that stage. Yet. So of course I said no. Bet she was kinda relieve at that point in time but still a little pissed cause flavours left were the basic ones and went, ” Oh great, if you were, I might as well leave this queue now.” Yeah, I know, I’m nice like that THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! mehehehehehe :b

Ok, the cupcakes verdict!

Those with flowers, heart shapes and love, are normal cupcakes with the most basic on earth frosting. I find the cream a little too sweet for my liking that I ended up scraping them away. Haha.

The bottom left pic: RHS, Second from the top … Haha – Is this confusing anybaddeehh? That brown cuppy is coffee flavoured. The only caffeine I take is from tea. Coffee is just a NO! NO! cause they all taste the same to me – pahit/bitter. If there’s anything in this world that I’d judge, it’ll be coffee. BUT, BUT, BUT, this tiramisu cupcake is so sedap (delicious) like woah! I excuse myself of the cream (again).


Am I the only one who went through this phase?

Younger, as a child, anytime there’s cake, I choose the part with the most cream. Fresh cream, butter cream whatever cream, I like, I think I probably licked the plate with remaining cream before. Haha. But now… I just can’t! I’ll scrape everything and leave a thiiiiin layer likathinfilm kinda thin cream on the cake, you know what I’m sayin!? It saddens me that I have to do that now. My body just don’t accept them anymore. I feel like I’ve pushed my bestfriend aside. *wails*

*back on track*

Bottom left picture again… 1st row.. No. 3 and 4. No. 3 is peanut butter and 4 is chocolate base cake with mint in chocolate frosting. They were definitely different and nice!

The good thing about the cupcakes is that their cake is not sweet but their frosting is, so they compliment each other. Imagine if the cake is sweet and the cream’s too. It’s like… Just sweet. Just… might as well open that packet of sugar and and put it directly in your mouth. Haha.

RiaJI mean… one does not simplygo to Wondermilk and not buy their cake in a jar right? I can’t stop staring at this. The colour is just so vibrant!

Shared this with the cousins. Don’t be deceived by the humble size.4 of us shared this and we can’t finish this. The Rainbow in a jar is like everyone knows… a simple vanilla cake just that it’s in colours. For the Rainbow in a jar, the cake itself is sweet. The frosting is too. It was like double bomb on us. We just couldn’t bring ourself to finish this sweet little vulgar cute thang.

CaptureTamak girl is tamak. (Greedy girl is greedy).

Shared the Rainbow and Velvet in a jar with the cousins cause I’m not a fan of RVC honestly. I even wonder why they call it Velvet… The texture is…. still a cake. Not like Japanese cheesecake. Ahhhh….. *Drools*…. Totally love the Japanese Cheesecake in Giant Supermarket. Ok, STAHHHPITTTT Aqilah. STAHHHPP. Ok, back to the Velvet in a jar…. It’s SOOOO GOOOODD I tell you. This is one Velvet that I would go back for. It’s soft and dense, not sweet and the cream cheese cream is not sweet either. Non overpower the other. They compliment each other so well like Bonnie & Clyde. Haha.


Cause I didn’t share the Tiger in a Jar, I was told to do my review… Oh, all these photos were taken in May but oh wells, you know me. Was too lazy to type in the watsapp group chat so my sepups!! This for y’all!


TIAJThe cake was nice and a little different. Instead of normal cream cheese or cream filling, it was chocolate. The chocolate was thick, thicker than Nutella. It was quite heavy too. Not kinda my thing cause, I don’t like chocolates. BUT! I’m very sure normal people, people who eat chocolate, would LOVE THIS! I once again, scrape of the chocolate until only a thin layer is left and ate it that way. The orange zest definitely makes it taste more interesting and flavourful 🙂

I think this post makes one consume calories with just looking at these cakes cause I sure as hell feel heavier after writing this post. Hahaha. What a comeback post Aqilah. First thing you write is about dessert! *facepalm*