Before I lose my blogging momentum, I better post this. Haha…

Assalamualaikum all!

So, few Sundays ago, the whole family turun padang makan ramai-ramai. The whole family grace this lunch with their presence. 100% attendance. Fuhh… Even my class’s attendance wasn’t full during ‘exam’. Hahaha… Such a bad comparison.

Totally enjoyed our time there thought it was a little cramp. But in the name for family, comfort can be sacrifice. ^^v

The food spread wasn’t much but the food there definitely have quality.

———-Conversation 1———-

N: Their veges are nice but I realise that they don’t have kale. In fact, I realise most restaurants don’t have kales.

Another N: Of course la… Kale is an expensive vegetable for buffet.

N: Who knows their standard is up there.

Another N: Don’t dream.

Hahahaha.. You want kale, just go cold storage la… Even if we dream till the Donkey speaks, there won’t be any kale in buffet.

Cheyy…. Sekali besok menu Tiffany ada sayur Kale eh?

———-Conversation 2———-

*weeks after the lunch*

Me: Did you try the pengat durian during the lunch?

Maid: No. T’was there? How come I didn’t see it? Where was it??

Me: T’was beside the ice-creams, in a big bowl. T’was as pale as me. It’s very nice.

Maid: OHHH!!!! The one that looked like SH*T!!??

Me: Oh God! Yaaa… That one… Oh God, I ate SH*T


———-End of Convo———-

2013-04-21 13.49.43How the Uncles and Aunts roll

2013-04-21 13.55.21How the Male.Jr roll

2013-04-21 13.56.09The Female.Jrs

2013-04-21 13.47.55The Lads – Class Photo is it!!??

IMG-20130421-WA0010The Ladies – a little blurriness is all it takes!


I recommend you guys to give Tiffany a try. Go and try their Hokkien Noodle…. T’was sooooo sedap like Oh My Perut!! (OhMyStomach!!)

You can find out more here

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