It’s all in the mind

Assalamualaikum all!!

I’m sure we’ve all heard that our mind is the most powerful tool.

According to ASAP Science, each thought we have can actually change the structure and function of our brains. And, no, they don’t mean metaphorically; they literally mean thinking that you can do something and being positive about it will alter your brain.

Eventually the power of your thoughts could help you, for example, learn the piano or even increase muscle mass in your body. – Source

This is totally true. I can totally relate to this. I suggest you seat for a minute or two and let your unconscious mind wander. I’m sure you’ll definitely be able to remember one, two or even ten incidents where you scare you balls out of yourself.

Lemme give you an example all of us will be able to relate to.

When we wash our face and when the soap has cover our eyes, our mind will go, “I feel like I’m being watched. What if I open my eyes and I see that white thing looking at me,” So despite the soap still on our eyes we still open our eyes cause we wanna be sure of our 6th sense. And we go, “AHHHH!!!! Sakit ngok!!! More painful then seeing ghost (can action abit la…. never see ghost mah).”


How about this…

As Muslims, we pray 5 times a day. You can pray wherever you want except for 1) Toilet. 2) Other worshiping places.

So, my cousin and I used to pray at the staircase landing until I found a better spot. Hahaha. Opposite our office is an abandoned office. There’s no light switch. Well, I’m sure there are but it was big and too dark and I was too lazy to find it so, I just pray in the dark cause I just love being in the dark when it comes to all this kind of things – bathing, brushing teeth, whatnots.

Then, one day, I decided to just go on my own without my cousin cause she…. ABC (Allah Bagi Cuti). Haha. So I prayed alone in the dark. Man…Second rakaat and I almost lose focus! ‘OMG… Is there any white thing in between all those furniture?! What about behind me? How long has this place been abandon? What if I beri salam and that thing is on my right and left?’ and more funky scary thoughts in the head. It doesn’t help that my mind remembered what my uncle said.

*back in Jakarta, at his apartment*

Uncle: See, there’s no level 4.

Me: *seeee* Oh YAAA!!! Cool… Why??

Uncle: Indonesians believe that the 4th storey brings bad luck.

Me: Huh?

Uncle: Whats four in chinese?

Me: Si

Uncle: Si can mean either 4 or death. So there’s no storey 4 in most building.

*back in the dark room*

Oh snapppp… I’m at level 4. All alone. In a dark abandon office (Ok la, the tenant moved out, I was just being pessimistic), what if the reason it’s empty is because someone actually committed suicide here? And what if she decide to appear now??? What if I faint and my body will only be discover in the 22nd Century (ok, 22nd century a bit over!! Hahaha)

Once I finished praying I quickly packed my stuff and left that place… Swearing that I’ll never go there unaccompanied again. Ever.

Alhamdulillah I left there in one piece. No torn shirt or wrecked mind. Err… actually, a little la.. Hahaha..

So you see, the mind really play a huge role!!

What are the lessons to be learnt?

1) Don’t confident macho.

2) Mind over matter.


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