Usrah: I want to change but…


My shoulder feels lighter after the last post. Such a big reminder to forgetful me.

Last usrah on the 20th April 2013 turned out to be a big event that was beyond us, regulars, imagination. Alhamdulillah…Normally we have 20 people max. But 70 participants was beyond amazeballs.

As I entered the hall, I was shocked and scared to be honest. The chairs were arranged in such that I thought that it was gonna be conducted in a seminar/talk manner. I got intimidated. Haha… Easily huh. So many unfamiliar faces.

Instead of our usual circle of tadabbur and tadarrus (recite some surahs and the translation from the Quran), only 2 were doing it, with a mic. One reads it in arabic, one reads the translation. The feel wasn’t there as I personally think nothing beats reading together. But, one simply must have a first time for everything right? Heh…

After that we watched a video of a group of us before our change and after. Some of us actually teared cause the journey that we went through was a special one and the people that He put on our way to help us along is so amazeballs. It’s true that if Allah takes anything away from you, it’s only because he wants to give you something better. Whether you see it or not, is the other side of the coin.

Then we broke into smaller circle to share our stories more. Since this event had age limit, the age range that was set was perfect as most of us was able to relate to one another easily. Some if not many teared, listening to other sister’s story. Their struggles.

Listening to them made me realise that my problems, what I went through is nothing. It made me realise how small my problems are. The problems we heard made us realise what about the unheard stories? Those who need help. Surely Allah’s help is near so don’t be despair. We are where we are today because of His will. Indeed Allah sent them to me as a reminder that this ungrateful me should be very thankful.

To my group members, I’m terrible with names and less imbecile with faces, may you guys keep striving in this deen and know that you guys are not alone. Why He wrote your name along us at MKS was so that you guys know there’s that someone and somewhere you can count on.

If we ever bumped and I look like a snobby mangkuk, trust me I’m not angry. My straight face just give people “She’s angry,” look. Just call out to  me cause I’d love to meet y’all again!

The fun part!

IMG-20130420-WA0013Seriously… Since when our gathering went formal?

IMG-20130420-WA0008It’s good to see you woman!!! Shaf(A)qilah back in the house :bb

IMG-20130420-WA0010Don’t ask. Hahaha… Not bad ah the colour combination.. *I hear fashion police siren wailing*

IMG-20130420-WA0009The minute I took her she started crying. I suck with kids. I figure that kids want to play with something new. Well… this is something new. “Don’t cry Auni, come, let’s play with fire extinguisher,” she stops crying. *Standing ovation anyone?*  Hahaha… See, I’m not totally useless. I can be use as a bad example. Not thaaaat proud of it. Hahahaha.

IMG-20130420-WA0005Some (less than 5) already went off *cough*Nureen*cough* Just imagine the empty spots left on the left and right are another 5 soul. Ramainya MasyaAllah kannnn!!!

I miss em peeps already.. Gahhh…

Emosi benar.


Assalamualaikum all!

May you be in the best your health and everything more today =)

In this post, I’m gonna share some lessons that I’ve learnt during the last usrah and today’s usrah. The feeling of typing out lesson learnt from usrah’s is really MasyAllah. It’s a great reminder.

Last usrah:- (My memory fails me everytime including this time) I think it should be Taqwa (Helping yourself and others to attain Taqwa).


Taqwa is one of those unique words in the Arabic language that cannot simply be translated into a word or two in English. As a result, many translators struggle to bring out the real meaning of the word taqwa.

Literally, taqwa means to protect and could be that one protects himself from the Wrath of Allah by protecting himself from indulging in things that Allah forbids. In the Shariah, taqwa as used in the Quran repeatedly, signifies the obedience to the Rules of Islam while avoiding Haraam, and additionally abstaining from unsuitable things in life.


You see, to attain Taqwa is not easy. It’s not something you can buy. It’s a possession more precious than gold. Attaining Taqwa is like exercising. With strict diet and exercise, you get your 6, 8 or 10 packs. With reminders of the death – world of the hereafter, good deeds, self-discipline and more, you achieve Taqwa.

We’re in the world where technology booms. Those who are born in the 90s would probably be able to relate to this. We grow up playing under the void decks and playground. We were creative. But slowly, at 10, we had Tamiya cars, then we move to PS1, PS2, XBox, Nintendo, and now, we have iPhone, and as if smartphone is not enough, we have smart TV and cars which are smart enough to park themselves.

The world is full of challenges. I must have this. I must have that. I must have iPhone 3, 4 months later, ‘Oh snap I must have iPhone 4”Oh no, I must have iPhone 4s’. ‘I must have this camera. But I need this lens. Oh no, now I need the smaller lens.’ It just doesn’t stop. We’re too connected to the world with that little smarties that we disconnect with the One that made all these creation possible.

1. We’re not content. Everything has to be the latest. One of the many ways of attaining taqwa is to feel contented with trials in this world because it will define us during the judgement day. (No, no, I don’t see that Louboutin. No I don’t see that new Rilakkuma. NO NO I don’t see that new Blabla).

2. Judgement day is where the sky splits and this round earth is even out. The condition is terribly unimaginable. Just imagine it. Reality is, it’s worst than that. We’ve seen Tsunami in the news and can’t imagine anything worst than that but judgement day, it’s terribleness is beyond your and mine imagination.

3. During judgement day, there’ll only be two things happening (in this case. On that day itself, more will happen definitely) which is receiving our Book of Deed. Yes, whether you are J.K Rowling or not, know that you’re an author. If you receive with your right hand, alhamdulillah (thank Allah), if you receive it with your left hand naudzubillah (may Allah keep us away from it) then you wait. Wait to be judge. People will be saying, “Oh he took my chocolate without my permission! He stole my chocolate! I don’t forgive him!” and so the bad deed scale dips lower. “Oh he taught me salah (prayer), good deed scale dips… It’ll keep ping-pong-ing until everyone you know or don’t has done claiming. Scary, ain’t it?

This reminds me, while we were talking about all this claiming, a sister shared that on that day, people will say, “Oh, she went for this talk or event (religion topic) and did not invite me, she’s bad,” that person can actually claim a good deed from you. So, I’d like to publicly announce that if I ever ask any sister or brother to an event or an Usrah, but due to work, family or any other circumstances that you can’t attend, please please please, I’m begging you (beg now ah… Susah dulu, senang kemudian mahh)… don’t say I didn’t invite anyone. Please don’t drag me down.. *looks at my non existent right hand book* :b

3. Never give trouble to anyone. You’ll be accounted for. Even if you’re a saint trying to bring a saint down. See, Allah is Al-Hakam. He is Just. You want a fair treatment? *I’ll givvittoyah!*

4. True glory. True glory is when we enter the door(s) of Jannah (heaven). So, don’t be swayed by the worldly affairs e.g: Luxury, ease, happiness….whatnots.

The interesting about this is that even if you’re in Jannah, the people of Jahannam (hell) can actually call out Allah and say,” So and so did not tell me that by doing this I’ll wind up here,” Allah can pull you from heaven to hell. The opposite is possible too. If you’re in heaven and you search around and don’t find your sister, you can just ask Allah for her and if Allah says that she’s in Jahannam (naudzubillah), you can say, “Why? She was the one who kept pulling me to go to events under your (Allah) name,” so Allah can pull someone in hell to heaven. It’s pulling and pushing. Be very careful… O_o

InsyaAllah I’ve not missed anything… If anyone finds any discrepancies or wrong info, feel free to correct me. I’ve got so much more to learn.

Anything right comes from Allah. Anything wrong comes from me.

Wallahu a’lam bisawab.