Singlish Me

Assalamualaikum errrrbbadddeehhh!!!

Singapore is known for Singlish… Sing: Singapore. Lish: English.

“Aiyah, Where got time!”

Some of you may have heard of the Singapore Sling; some may not have. But if you hang out with Singaporeans or Malaysians often enough, you more likely than not would have heard the Singapore Slang, more commonly known as Singlish.

A Singlish sentence often ends with words like “lah”, “leh”, “meh” or “lor”. These utterances are included at the end of a sentence to add emotions or feelings to the sentence. For instance, “Come with us leh” (with a long and draggy “leh”) is persuading. “Come with us lah” (with a short emphatic “lah”) is encouraging. “Come with us lor” is almost like pleading. “You don’t want to come meh?” is simply “Don’t you want to come along?”

Get it?

Ok… Now…

The other day at the airport…

Cousin: You know, the other day, I was wearing the Dian Pelangi telekung (this thingy that Muslim ladies wear to pray) it was colourful and Nadya (my niece) asked…

Nadya: Mama, what’s that? (I guess it’s the first time in her little perfect life that she saw a colourful telekung)

Cousin: This is a telekung that I bought from Aunty Aqilah.

Nadya: Mama!! You cannot say that!!

Cousin: Say what?

Nadya: Singlish! You cannot say lah! Aunty Aqilah. Aunty Aqi.

Cousin: No Nadya. Her name is Aqilah. Her name has the lah at the back.

Nadya: Oohhhhhhhhhh

imagesAll of us were already at this state…

Ain’t running away from being Singaporean horr.

Oh! Before I kena saman…here’s the source of Singlish intro above.