Household Drama Queen



Alhamdulillah (All praises to God!! ~~) First day at work went well!

YESSS!!! Aqilah kerje skarang. YESSS!!! Aqilah tak habiskan duit mak duit ajekk (harta yang tak seberape…bukan anak olang kaya mahh) YESSS!!! Aqilah dah tak beli barang mahal sebab mak die tak akan sayang die lagi sebab die dah habis skola maka mak die tak boleh sara die lagi….So says the people who are not happy that throughout my schooling days that I don’t work part-time. That my mom buy me things. That I don’t deserve what I have cause they don’t have. Come my house la!! Take what you want! Expensive things?? What expensive things?? You want expensive things!!?? Take la my Evian water… That’s probably the most expensive thing ere’ (itu pun dari Macdonald. (even that’s from Macdonald)) Hmph! Pfft…

Amagahhh…So drama Aqilah. Well, I must make my Dance and Drama teacher’s and instructors proud, no? Pfft…

Hahaha… ok. Enough rubbish rambling.

So, I was singing my hearts out like my heart was was on my sleeve and my maid came in. She sat against the stacks of pillows on bed to rest her old back. Got up after few minutes, pull the office chair in my room which now officially supports dried and clean laundry instead of heavy butts like mine. Again, she tried closing her eyes to get that few minutes of rest before folding all the clothes so that she can finally retire for the night.

But no. She can’t rest. T’was moot. Why?

Cause Aqilah was having concert in front of her with her outrageous penetrating orotund voice. Yes. My stentorian voice was pretty much strangling her. But that’s part of her job scope. Her ears and heart have been patient with me since I could speak. I know her body parts will forgive me cause I know she loves me! *chayaaaanggg bibikkk*

*the maid puts the brahh’s folded soccer jersey aside*

Me: WOW! OH MY GOD! SO PRETTY! *lean forward to pick the tshirt.*

*pulls away from me*

Me:*frowns* Give meee.. I wanna try!

Bibik: No. I just folded it!

*I grabbed anyway *evil laugh* and try it on of course.*

Sashay to the right!

To the left!

Come on errbadddeeehhh!!

To your right and your left clap your hands, turn around and one more time!

Mini concert maaa

*Bravely open the door to see if the brother is back, saw his on bedroom light, close the door.*

Me: He’s back.

Bibik: Bring the shirt back. You might get in trouble.

Me: No la. I won’t. *Approach the door and leave my head hanging outside longer.. like… 2 seconds longer … pfft…*

And that’s it guys..








Across that short hallway






That figure that spells I’m doom appears!








*shuts the door quickly, lock it and start panicking. Secretly hoping that the dim light would have made his eyesight worst and not see me in his striking jersey. Yank myself out of his jersey, throw it at my maid and at the same time, starts spazzing, uncontrollably*

Bibik: What is wrong with you!!

Me: He saw me! He saw me!

Ya. Woman laugh straight at my face. How kind, right?

Then I got brave, somehow, like I always do (chehh). Went near the door, open it and pop the head out. Tilt my head to the kitchen direction and he was turning to face me.

Rush and jumps on bed.

Door open. He came in with a smirk.

He who shall not be named: Why were you in my shirt? (again like you always do)

Bibik: She was trying it cause it was pretty (seee… I shayaaanggg my bibik!! See how much she loves meeee!!!??? Gonna smother myself over her later.heh) Have you eaten? *got up to get my brahh food and leave the poor girl alone*

Oh and when I was in my room on my bed panicking when the brahh made his grand entrance….





I was on my bed. Panicked. Legs went perpendicular and it went over me, I flipped. Yes. Back flip. Aqilah’s backflip you can call it. This royal highness allows you to! 😉

I know. I know. Sometimes I’m just funny.

But hey!!

Spread the smile. Sharing Laughing is caring no?


2013-03-04 22.48.44How do I keep my hands off this shirt when clearly even Pororo can’t!? Meh… Even God the brahh knows that I’ll wear this shirt out one day, very soon. And he can’t help it. Can you, Abang? Hide it till the end of the world, I’ll still be able to find it.

Ok, no. I’ll just wail like a sistttaahh. Heh

PPS: No. I’m not afraid of the brother. Cause I know what soft white ta huay heart he has for me although, often, that heart gets irritated cause he’s wardrobe becomes mine, occasionally. Like today, at work.

PPPS…. if you need to know my backflip… lemme give you a visual aid…

pandaPardon my stubborn friend here for demonstrating the front flip version. Degil pulak si buntal bulu ni..

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