Small Bits!

Assalamualaikum all!

I don’t know about you but sometimes, in order to improve ourself – regardless of whatever area, we need to read up, study, watch video, yada yada yada. Most of the time, because it’s not condensed into point form, most of us go, AIN’T GOT NO TIME TO READ MANNN!! I’ll be honest and say sometimes, I fall into that category. It’s just painful for my eyes to read up essay on the screen (like I haven’t had enough doing my work). With the help of technology, photo story has been major hit in sites like Facebook. I always take the opportunity to save them, screen cap them, etc. What I like about them is that sometimes, they’re colourful and one does not simply defy colourful stuff…. (Unless they’re uber ugly. Capiche?)

SO!! First of all this serves as a reminder to myself, as well as to take the load off of my dropbox, I hope this benefit most of us. InsyaAllah.

(So much talking about Facebook, most of them are actually screencap from my Twitter timeline:))

2013-01-16 09.40.26 2012-12-30 20.38.50 2012-12-29 12.42.59

Can’t agree more!

2012-12-19 19.03.00

Like a dream.

2012-12-14 01.06.38 2012-12-14 00.59.34 2012-10-20 03.14.12

Never look down upon non-hijabis and never look up to hijabis (that much).

2012-10-11 19.38.29 2012-09-30 14.36.22

2012-12-17 16.51.44I have serious issues here. There are lots of different photo story like this on facebook. Everytime…Every single time! I “fall in love” with the female caricature… Look at that woman …. SOOOO pretty! There are more… When this happen, I slightly turn into a les… Hahaha…., Ok, no. But you get my drift don’t you?!

2012-09-30 21.48.28Let’s do it RIGHT!!!

2012-12-29 19.59.34And of course, never forget to surround yourself with friends that are on the deen because you’ll never know when you’ll need them. My Ohana. Why Ohana? Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind. They never fail to share useful/relevant hadiths or any verse in from the Quran, (not that there are any non-useful ones…Once again, understand understood ah). And despite the number of messages I have to read in our whatsapp group (cause metaphorically I’m the earliest riser), I still love y’all!

SO, if you think we’re or they’re boring people, come watch them and join us with your own two eyes, four, if you’re wearing specs!


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