Just got back home. Niat murni wanting to leave my lappy at the cousin’s place got put to a halt cause I’m minah leceh minus minah like that.

We were discussing and updating my resume since 2am and by 4am, our brains went demented.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of dropbox since I discover it’s usefulness (despite it being in built in my phone. I know. I know. Selengeness maintain please.) I know the capabilities of dropbox and it’s coolness and all but I didn’t have the time (note: patience) to explore everything. Apparently you can have a folder that you and your friend can access <—- you, SHARE LINK.



Me: Kak, is it hard (tedious) to make your folder share-dable?

Kak I: Huh? What do you mean difficult?

Me: Is it ma fan to ‘share link’?

Kak I: *looks at me* Say again?

Me: Share link

Kak I: *looks at me* Say again?

(What she hears)

Me: Shalelink

Kak I: *looks at me* Say again?

Me: Shalelink

Kak I: *looks at me* Say again?

Me: Sh.aaaaaaaaarrrrreeeee. liiii.nnnnkkkkkkkk. *what is wrong with this woman?*

Kak I: Oh! *facepalm moment* SHARE. LINK. I thought shalelink… Bila masa you pelat rabak? (since when do you have a serious lisp problem) Known you for a lifetime and didn’t recall you having such pelatness;lisp.

Both burst laughing.

Not the hahahaha and stop.

Ketawa terbahak-bahak disebabkan hati yang terlampau geli. Ketawa dengan geli hati sampai mata menyepet. Ketawa geli hati sambil tercangkuk. Ketawa geli hati sampai terduduk dari tercangkung. Ketawa geli hati dari dapur hingga ke luar dapur. Ketawa yang maha buruk!~

(Laugh our hearts out cause it was too funny.  too funny until our eyes are gone. Laugh from gone eyes until someone’s leg went jelly and slightly gave away that that someone squatted. Laugh until that someone fell a sit cause the leg once again gave away, from squatting. Laugh from the kitchen to the dining room. Laugh as we might.)

Say sharelink faster. faaasssterrr.ffffaaaaaassssttteeerrrr!!!!! in your head now!! Now imagine someone who speaks proper english (hopefully) their whole life suddenly mispronounce the word. Koyak Rabak.

Now, anybaddeehh wanna shalelink with me on dropbox?


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