I’m still having a hard time figuring out who should I send his regards to?

Send my regards to all… All who?

All the residents in Tampines?

All my Facebook friends?

All my instagram followers?

All my twitter followers?

All my Fatayat Sistahs?

All my Ohana?

All my lecturers?

All my classmates?

All my coursemates?

All the neighbour?

All my secondary school friends? Or yours?

All the people I know? or

All the people you know?

All the family member?

If yes, just immediate or extended as well?

Since conveying regards to all is important, amanah tau…, and if all refers to all Singapore citizen and foreigners, how am I suppose to pass your regards to the President? The Prime Minister?

Oh the lists goes on.PicsArt_1361364935223

Susahnya jaga amanah orang.

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